About us

Why we do what we do

Every time you buy something from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.

We shop small because it makes us feel good too, and we believe we can live in a world where every time we spend money it brings us joy and fulfillment.

Truly authentic brands achieve something unique in marketing, they build human relationships with their customers. These relationships are based on more than one person selling something and the other buying something.

At Ampjar we help brands to reach new customers and have more genuine conversations with their customers every day. We do this by connecting authentic brands and helping them to put their best content in front of another brand’s customers.

I’d love for you to apply to join our community so you can be connected with other like-minded brands who have customers who look just like your best kind of customers.


Peter Davis
Founder and CEO

The faces behind the scenes

We live in 8 countries across 4 continents and all believe in the Ampjar way of supporting small businesses owned by real people.


Pete Davis
Founder and CEO

Kia Schubert
Chief Customer Officer

Pauline Evangelista
Executive Assistant

Ricki-Jane Wilton
Customer Success

Jessa Ardinel
Customer Success


Kathleen Angco
Customer Success

Karina Salem
Customer Success


Sabrina Gayo
Customer Success

Bianca Torres
Growth Marketing Manager

Jodi English
Graphic/UX/UI Design

Sadia Shamma
Product Designer

Fahd Yousri
Lead Engineer

Ahmed Kamel

Mohamed Essam
QA Engineer