Reach the customers you want, without all the hard work of setting up collaborations.


All the upside without all the usual back-and-forth

If you’ve ever tried, collaborations with other brands, can be two things: magic and the biggest drain of time you’ve ever experienced!
Ampjar has created a way that you can reach real customers through brands that they love without all the hassle associated with setting up brand collaborations.

Your dream customers are ready for you, and brands you love are ready to help you reach them.

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Ampjar puts collaborations on tap 

Brands ready to go

Ampjar connects you with brands based on profiles of their customers and who you’ve told us are the customers that you want. The brands are ready to share your best content with them. It’s never been easier to team up and be strong together.

So little effort, so impactful

We know that if you’re going to reach customers in a way that works, it has to be meaningful and authentic. With Ampjar, we set it all up for you to share and be shared by brands that you approve of, through shout outs in email, on post-check out pages and on social.

No more schmoozing or cold DMs

One of the hardest parts of manually setting up collaborations is ‘the pitch’. You want to look good, and keen, but not desperate. You don’t have time for that. We connect you and then you’re on! That’s it.

What you give is what you get

You don’t need to keep paying and paying every day for more ads, with Ampjar what you give is what you get. When you shout a brand out to your customers, someone else will then shout you out. Pick and choose who you want to work with and meet your new customers this week.

Feature comparisons

Compare Ampjar Manual Collaborations
Effort to set up a new partnership One click One cold DM, back and forth - probably hours
How many can you have running at the same time? at least 20+ More than a couple will kill you
Will they follow through with what we agreed Oh absolutley Hopefully!
Who can I work with? Any authentic brands on our platform Anyone who thinks you're 'enough' for them, but you're going to have to sell yourself well
Where will I be shared In emails, on post-checkout pages and on social Wherever you agree to, probably stories
Ad content built for you

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can I collaborate with?

    We have lots of brands that are perfect for you. You might find that your perfect customers come from brands in very different areas. For instance, a great way for a jewellery brand to target women in their 30’s might be through a brand that sells beautiful kids clothes to young mums. We’ve seen it work very well in lots of different ways.

  • What do I get for shouting someone out?

    You earn karma credits that you can then use to pay other brands to shout you out to their customers. It’s a beautiful economy of brands working together to help each other grow!

  • How many sales will I get?

    As with any marketing, we can never be 100% sure. We recommend you view this as an ongoing activity. It’s unlikely that the first time you see a brand you jump in and buy that same day, and it’s the same here. Consider collaborating with brands more than once, build trust and the results will come!

  • What will my customers think?

    Your customers will love it. The biggest piece of feedback we get from brands that host content is that they love sending more interesting campaigns, because their customers love them. At Ampjar our mission is to build a community where people and brands thrive together through meaningful, joyful and rewarding relationships. We want you and your customers to benefit from this.

  • Will you just place other people's content into my emails?

    No way! You always choose who you work with. Your campaign is all about you, your content, and your customers. When you collaborate with another brand the approved ad will be beautifully displayed at the bottom of your campaign.

  • How much does it cost to advertise through other brands?

    The costs varies depending on the brand’s customer database as well as how many people typically open and click on their emails. That means that you will pay a little more for a brand with large reach and awesome engagement, and a little less for large reach with good to fair engagement. Ultimately, the choice is yours and you can spend your amp credits as you like. Go and have a play!