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One Ampjar Customer Got a 25% Click-Through Rate from Their 10,000 Person Database

25 percent click-through rate on emails

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Pete Davis

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24 Sep, 2017

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Now is a great time to show you a real-life example of how one company uses Ampjar!

The first company we’re featuring is;

  1. balancing a traditional retail network with selling online
  2. educating a customer base on how to shop online; and
  3. competing in an increasingly commoditized market.

They’re also time poor, I’m sure you know their pain!

Omni Footwear is a Melbourne, Australia-based fashion footwear company. Their Planet Shoes brand is aimed at women aged 40+.

They wholesale and retail their shoes in Australia and New Zealand.

Read more about them here.

They’ve built a customer database for their Planet Shoes brand of almost 10,000 email addresses through digital sales, website traffic promotions, through collecting instore.

What did life look like before Ampjar?

“We knew some of what might be possible with email, but whenever we tried, it took hours to create something with very poor results. The maths didn’t add up, so we stopped bothering and focused on other initiatives.” Fraser McLennan, CEO OMNI Footwear.

Their database wasn’t really looked after and emails were sent in an ad-hoc way which didn’t resonate with their audience.

Those emails were being sent to around 10,000 people and were getting 60 clicks and just a 1.2% click-through rate (CTR).

What does life look like now?

Planet Shoes started using Ampjar in April. Back then, their database was a little cold because they hadn’t been sent anything in a few months.

Their first campaign was sent to 4,700 subscribers and achieved a 90+% open rate and a 40.56% CTR.
The second campaign had a 78.87% open rate and a 27.61% CTR. The third campaign had a 83.13% open rate and a 23.64% CTR.

Fast forward to September. They’re now sending campaigns weekly to a database of almost 10,000 people. They average an open rate of a whopping 86.24% and an eye-watering click-through rate of 24.91%!

This means they’re putting 2,500 extra people onto their website every week.
getting clicks on emails

Lou who runs marketing for Planet Shoes is in charge of reviewing the campaigns, and spends around 30-45 mins reviewing and editing:

“We didn’t know if moving to weekly campaigns was going to be the right thing to do because Ampjar was working so well fortnightly. We didn’t want to do anything that upset it. But we went for it, and now, so far, we’re getting twice as many clicks and sales as we did when we sent campaigns fortnightly.”

“Getting these kinds of results reiterated to us the importance of investing in our content. We are now focusing on more, and even better, content. We’re using the results we get from our Ampjar campaigns to understand what we need more of. We want more of the content that gets the most clicks.”

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