3 Ways to Increase Your Customer Loyalty and Beat Instagram’s New Algorithm

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Pete Davis

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14 Jun, 2018

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As a brand or influencer who uses Instagram to engage with your community (or build your own), you may have already heard about Instagram’s latest algorithm updates. If you haven’t, such highlights include new rankings based on interest, timeliness, and relationship and going a little more chronological, but not totally chronological with the news feed.

The changes probably sound a lot more confusing than they are, but it’s still natural to be concerned about how many of your followers your posts will reach and what it will do for your traffic going forward.

The most important thing to remember?

Instagram are obsessed with improving their user experience – creating better quality, spam-free environments for all. So in the wake of this new algorithm, Instagram will continue to reward brands who do a better job at interacting and engaging with their users.

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This actually puts you and Instagram on two sides of the same coin when it comes to content goals!

It also means that it’s time to start reflecting on your current Instagram marketing strategy and look for ways to boost customer loyalty, engagement and maintain growth – ASAP.

Here are some ways you can foster higher engagement rates and improve customer loyalty in the face of Instagram’s algorithm changes:

1) Devote more time to your videos and Instagram Stories.

Here’s why you should get out your phone and start recording today: Instagram videos are soaring in terms of engagement, and are becoming a staple part of any killer brand content strategy.

Instagram Stories, which now boasts an incredible 300 million active daily users – is a great way to supplement that.

Stories about your brand help facilitate more intimacy with users and let them engage with you via polls, comments, or link clicks that lead to real-world results.

The best part? Stories are fun to make – and don’t require the same level of time or effort as curated photos or videos.

2)     Share your Instagram content with other audiences – like your mailing list.

It’s time to start tapping into your other biggest fans… your mailing list. We forget all too often about contacting this group – they’re not necessarily on your social media, and email campaigns can take a long time to build.

But here’s the truth:

Your email subscribers already know about your brand, and they genuinely want to hear about what you’ve been up to – this includes seeing all the amazing Instagram photos and videos you’ve been posting lately.

Got something new to show off? You need to let them know!

By sending your Instagram content straight to their inbox, you’re making it easier for an already-engaged audience to consume more of your content, which can naturally lead to more follows, clicks, likes, purchases, word-of-mouth referrals, you name it.

This does wonders for your post engagement rates – not to mention website sales and revenue.

So if you have been neglecting your email subscribers lately, it’s time to start showing them some inbox love.

But don’t spend half a day building a campaign – tools like Ampjar Fast Emails easily automate this process for you. Ampjar collates and compiles your top Instagram posts into beautiful custom email campaigns and sends them straight to your subscriber list with minimal input from you.

You can even see a preview of your live campaign here.

3) Understand your audience better using analytics tools like Iconosquare.

Iconosquare is a paid service but delivers serious insight about your audience and what they want to see. This includes prime times for posting, key follower demographics, hashtag tracking and more.

Now that Instagram is making brand content less visible, this tool can help you develop hacks to maximize engagement with the 10% of users who do see your content – which can make all the difference to your future visibility on the platform.

It’s not bad news, it’s new news

So while the newest algorithm change isn’t everyone’s favorite news right now, it should definitely help you clarify what you should be spending your time on as a brand.

By putting your content in front of the right audience, keeping them engaged and getting them to follow through with action (likes, clicks, shares, etc.), what you’re really doing is building a bulletproof Instagram marketing strategy that can withstand any algorithm change.

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