5 Quick Tips – What Can You Do to Make Sales Right Now?

5 quick tips

Peter Davis

Peter Davis

28 Sep, 2018

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It’s a strange time of year. It’s not yet Christmas, school holidays come and go. In the southern hemisphere, it’s starting to warm up and footy season is coming to an end. So what do you talk to your customers about, and how do you prompt purchase right now and increase sales? Here are a few quick and easy ideas to get you started. We hope you love them and can use them to get those lovely little notifications popping up on your phone!

1. Gifts

There are just as many birthdays now as any time in the year – talk your product up as a gifting option. This doesn’t mean you need to change the way you present your products everywhere, but what about putting a ribbon on something, or using wrapping paper as a background for a flat lay? This also sews the seed for Christmas gift ideas😉

2. Get Outside

It’s warming up! Talk about all the great things that come with this time of year. It’s the time to be getting outside more, so tie this back to your product. Warm weather outfits, looking after yourself, picnics, walks, spending more time in the garden. Whatever your product, energize your customers and give them the feeling that this is the start of the best time of the year!

3. Fear Of Missing Out

Scarcity is the mother of all sales tactics. Create FOMO. Back in the day when I did social for one of the big national footwear brands, we didn’t need to focus on promoting the best selling shoes, they were always going to sell out. Instead, we created FOMO around the next lot, the ones that were great but that weren’t necessarily going to avoid going on sale. That’s where you make a profit! Put your best sellers up in lights but really give the love to the next best products.

4. Share the Spotlight

Go big on sharing customers’ photos. Put your customer’s names up in lights, make them feel good, and use this as a way to show all the different ways that your products can be used. If you don’t have a regular supply of pictures, go back in time. There’s no problem digging out a photo from 6 months, a year ago and highlighting it. A great pic is still a great pic, and an advocate then can certainly be an advocate for you now.

5. Foster Relationships

Use this time to build relationships. Foster hard. You’re going to want your customers to love you come Christmas time! Go behind the scenes, bite the bullet and start going live on Instagram. Let them know who is behind this business that they follow. You want them to picture someone that they like when your content hits their feed or your email hits their inbox. Write an intro in your email that comes from you and sign it off with your name. Everyone loves backing and supporting small brands, let them fall in love with your story and let it be your business that they choose to support. We’d love to hear what works for you. We’ll put our favorites up in lights. Number 6 in this list would be; get some press and cross-promotions happening – so we can be your first!

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