5 Simple Tips to Make Your Words Really, Really… Good.

tips to make your words good

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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

31 Jul, 2018

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You know how to snap your products like the best. Your emails are a great mix of sales content and brand personality.

But when it comes to creating emails, it’s exactly what you say that takes up your time and brain power.

We know many people feel this way at one point or another, so we’ve created a quick guide to avoid the big stumbling points. We want you to really have the best words.

best words

Our Five Simple Tips

1. Never send an email without proofreading it.

Typos happen now and then, but make sure it never happens to you.

Our top tip is to have someone else take a look over your campaign. If you haven’t got someone who can help you out, then go and grab a drink, clear your mind, come back and read it again yourself.

Even send us a note to take a look – we’ve seen a few in our time, and we’ve got your back!

2. Say less, not more.

Our Ampjar campaign templates, we limit the amount of text you can write into certain areas of your email. We do it for two reasons:

  • To get the perfect balance of text and imagery to help you beat the spam filters; and
  • To help you get to the point, aiding the balance and flow of your campaign.

We apply this everywhere, from the subject line to the captions and even the intro text. Your approach should be quality over quantity.

Let your images do most of the talking. Drop in words and sentences that really add to each image and the story you want to build.

We pull text into your campaigns from your Instagram captions. Trim the text back to fit, and (even if there’s room) ditch the hashtags.

3. Mix up your call-to-action buttons.

Leaving SHOP NOW as the button on all of your images gives your customers a clear idea of where they’ll be heading when they click. However, while it’s important to give a clear and obvious idea of a click destination, this won’t be the best way to get your subscribers to click.

Try mixing up your button text to be something more playful, such as:


Emojis in buttons can also be incredibly effective. So, on a Mac, hit control+command+space-bar and on a PC hit Win + period (.) or Win + semicolon (;)

4. Avoid building a solid wall of text.

Your introduction text is the perfect place to show some charm and personality. For some, this may mean a line or two of text, but for many, this is the opportunity to write something more engaging and meaningful.

Don’t forget, many of your subscribers won’t be following you on Instagram. Additionally, thanks to the way Instagram holds back content, most won’t have seen more than a couple of posts from you each week.

This is your opportunity to give them some love.

We include Hi firstname, or Hi there, (if we don’t have the recipient’s first name in the database), so you can get right into it.

Break your text up with paragraphs, bolds, italics and feel free to drop a link in here or there.

5. Your subject line deserves some love.

Your subject line is the front page of your email. It’s the first thing your customers will see. It’s also one of the biggest decision-makers for them as to whether they open your campaign or not.

As we mentioned before, we limit the length of your subject line, so you can’t go wrong. The limit is 35 characters, around 18-28 is absolutely perfect.

The simple tip here is to tell your customers what they’re going to get and be topical. If you’re great at puns, then go for it, show your brand personality and have fun.

If you get stuck, the default subject line is the perfect length and something we have tested A LOT for its ability to get your campaign past the spam filters.

So those are our 5 simple tips. To summarise… keep it short, inject your personality and check it over.

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s to see your campaigns before you send them, or after a particularly high-performing campaign.

We can’t wait to see them!

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