5 Steps to Become Your Wholesale Clients’ Favorite Brand

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Peter Davis

Peter Davis

10 Aug, 2018

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Our Ampjar customers tell us a lot about their successes and their problems. A common thread is that relationships with wholesale clients can be tough.

Wholesale clients can be expensive to acquire, but bring great big orders.

They often impose crazy timelines, but they sell to customers you may never be able to reach.

Managing them is a challenge. I’m sure that sometimes you wonder if it’s all worthwhile. But we have some ideas that will help…

We’re not going to claim credit for this; some Ampjar customers introduced us to some very clever ways to keep your wholesale customers thinking about you, and coming back for more!

Here are 5 steps to becoming your wholesale clients’ favorite brand:

  1. Keep in touch, regularly. Talk to them about your brand in a light and positive way, and do it often rather than just hitting them hard twice a year telling them that NOW is the time to BUY!
  2. Show them that people are loving your products by showing them shots that people have shared on social channels. There’s nothing like seeing customers like theirs loving a product to make your wholesale customers push that product more.
  3. Give them something that helps them out. We’re going to kill this bird and the next one with one stone…
  4. Get them to shout you out on social more often. You create great content. Your wholesale customers need content. Share content with them that they can use.
    Clearly tell them ‘here’s some content that I thought you might want to use‘ – share good content with them regularly and they will love you for the hours you save them (and they’ll be pushing your brand on social more and more).
  5. You can do all of this with Ampjar. Set up a new team, upload your wholesale customer list, and send tailored campaigns to your most valuable customers on a tailored schedule.

It’s so simple. Track your mentions on social, track how your wholesale clients are clicking on your campaigns and then see how this impacts your wholesale sales.

As ever, let us know if you’d like any help.

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