5 Ways Hair and Beauty Salons Can Get Their Customers and Prospective Customers’ Email Addresses

building email database for hair and beauty

Peter Davis

Peter Davis

27 Feb, 2018

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Now’s the perfect time to build your email database.

Whether you’re regularly sending campaigns to thousands of people, are just starting to build a list, or sit somewhere in between, the fundamentals are the same:

  • You’re spending time and effort in creating good content.
  • When you share good content you have an impact on the people who see it.
  • Email is the best tool for converting sentiment into sales.

Even if you’re just starting out, you probably have some of your customers’ email addresses, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend a few minutes sending a campaign out to your best 100 customers.

Now assuming the goal is a bigger email list, let’s go get their email addresses!

Any interaction with a potential qualified customer is an opportunity to build your list.

Here are five that we think you should take a look at:

When You’re Seeing Customers for Appointments

Customers are the best potential customers, and you see lots of them all the time!

Whenever someone is paying at the end of their appointment, you need to ask them for their email address. Delivery is key, we’d give you our email address if you say:

Can I grab your email address, please? We’re going to start sending out some of our favorite styles and creations

Through Your Social Channels

Your social audiences are perfect candidates to get your emails. They already like your content.

To do this, if you’re using Ampjar, use the sign-up link on your subscriber tab (other platforms have their own sign-up pages too) and share it everywhere. Drop it into your Instagram bio and share a post telling people to sign up. You don’t need to leave it up forever, but feel free to post about it every few weeks and make sure the sign-up link is there when you need it.

Don’t forget to also share that same link through Facebook posts, on LinkedIn and anywhere else you can!

Website Traffic

Anyone who comes to your website to see what you do should absolutely be invited to join your list. Every website platform has built-in tools that you can use to manage this, so ask whoever manages your website to make it happen!

It is down to your own personal preference whether you use a timed pop-up, exit intent pop-up or a simple text field in the footer of your website.

Social Media Giveaways/Competitions

When I ran a digital marketing agency, the brands that we represented all wanted to build their email lists. The number one way we did this was via competitions on Facebook.

You can get great results by running a simple competition asking people to give you a 25-words-or-less answer and capturing everything through a Google form or Typeform.

Sharing Via Current Customers

What better way to build a list of good potential customers than to ask your current customers to help?

Through the text in your email, ask your customers to share your campaign with their friends. Include a link to your sign-up page in the same text and get more people on your list who are similar to your best customers.

Good luck!

I’d love to hear if you have any questions, successes or challenges.

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