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Pete Davis

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23 Oct, 2018

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Last week, we announced a new product that sits inside your Ampjar account. We think this is a game-changer for brands.

Over the year and a bit that we’ve been running Ampjar, we’ve sent thousands of emails to millions of customers. We’ve spoken with hundreds of brands and listened to your problems.

Ampjar creates email campaigns that customers love. The idea is that you should talk to your customers in a positive engaging way, not just ram products down their throats and tell them to buy buy BUY!

You have customers who only hear from you when you email them and don’t follow you on Instagram (shock!). So send them something nice.

…and thanks to the way that Instagram limits your reach, and encourages you to boost posts, even your Instagram followers are not seeing your content.

If you talk to them nicely, you’ll have more devoted customers. Ampjar helps you do this fast.

The Situation

Compared to more traditional brands, your customers read and click on your emails A LOT. They listen to you and take your advice.

While your customers love you, many smaller brands sell products that aren’t a frequent repeat purchase. Love doesn’t always translate to sales.

At the same time, many of you say that finding new customers is hard.

Advertising through Google and Facebook, or boosting posts through Instagram feels like a bottomless pit of spending money. It drives clicks and maybe traffic but doesn’t convert.

‘My customers really like me. I want more of them.’

So you have a situation: your customers love you and listen to you.
and a need: more customers.

You may be familiar with social collaborations where two or more brands agree to shout each other out on Instagram.

These collaborations can take a lot of time and effort to set up and aren’t always fair. Should you agree to collaborate with a brand if they have fewer followers than you? Will the other brand agree if you have less? What if they post 20+ times a day to stories or have a really inconsistent engagement rate on posts? Will they post at a good time of day? Will your message get drowned out?

You have to think and work hard. Send a perfect cold DM, give them love and attention and then hope they don’t go cold on you.

Paying Google or Facebook to introduce you to customers isn’t working. Usual social collaborations are slow, hard work…

Introducing Ampjar Amplify

Pay another brand to introduce you to their customers through their email campaigns. You know how many people they reach and how many opens and clicks they get.

Be the host and get paid to include messages from brands that you like in your campaigns.

No need to walk around on eggshells, apply in one click and approve in one click.

Ampjar prices all collaborations (size of a database x open rate x click rate) and that’s it. You pay more for someone who has a big database who loves them and less for someone who had a small database who love them.

Everything is fair and works.

Example ads

The Process

First, make sure you have registered as an Ampjar user and linked your Instagram account.


Set your profile live as a prospective host in one click. Brands can then apply to put a piece of guest content (an advert) in your campaign.

Then browse ads that you may want to host in your next email campaign.

Browse Ampjar Community


Create ads the same as the way you edit your content in an Ampjar campaign. Upload an image, or pick one from Instagram. Choose where you want the click to go and edit as much as you like.

Your ad then appears in a marketplace that brands can browse.

You can sit back and see who comes to you, or jump in and browse prospective hosts.

Find customers who shop with brands like yours.
Get paid to introduce brands that you like to your customers.
Repeat as often as you like.

We’ve seen some great collaborations already. Go and have a play and see what you come up with!

We’d love to hear your feedback : )

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