20 of Our Favorite Email Marketing Campaigns Built with Ampjar

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22 Jul, 2019

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Ampjar has helped a lot of brands send incredible email campaigns and we wanted to share some of the best email marketing ideas from our customers.

A good email marketing campaign delivers value while immediately capturing the recipients’ interest.  More importantly, it entices them to act. Whether you want them to visit your site, buy a product, or refer their friends, your campaign should give them the nudge they need.

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Where to start with your campaigns

There are two main approaches to improving your email marketing:

The first is that you can simply keep experimenting. Try sending different styles of emails (see out template list for inspiration), A/B test different designs, and explore different days and times.

Continuously sending and refining your email campaigns is an iterative process that takes a bit of time but will make you extremely knowledgeable about what works for your audience.

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The second approach is to learn from others reverse engineer a few campaigns to find why they’re so effective.

The main issue here is that you need a sample set of campaigns to dissect, explore, and imitate.  This post will help get you started with 20 of the best campaigns from our customers plus commentary on what makes them so awesome.

Let’s get started!

Email marketing ideas

1. Barefoot Blonde — Less Is More

Template: Sydney

Women’s fashion brand Barefoot Blonde created this fantastic example of how less is more with email marketing.

Barefoot Blonde’s email is aligned solely on the products and is a perfect example of how focusing on one goal can work wonders when it comes to driving sales. They open with a few lines of text that tells you all you need to know about a sale. The focus then turns to images showcasing their sale items. Each image has a caption that indicates how many pieces are remaining and introduces a bit of scarcity into the campaign. 

2. Ginger & Co — Free Gifts

Template: Alexandria

Ginger & Co produces a range of superfoods. In this email, they exemplify how freebies can help capture your audience’s attention

The email starts with an image showing off the free gift (a rose soap bar) with text explaining how you can get it in your order. Because who doesn’t love freebies? Ginger & Co uses a smart and simple layout, alternating gorgeous images of the product with more information about the offer. Free gifts are an excellent way of driving sales and an email campaign like this is a great way of presenting the offer to those who may be interested. 

3. Wallpaper Trader — Modern Day Catalog

Template: Canberra

Wallpaper Trader sells exactly what you’d expect – wallpaper. Their email campaign is a good example of how it’s sometimes best to let your products speak for themselves. 

When it comes to buying wallpaper, your choice ultimately depends on one question: “Do I like how it looks?” In this email, Wallpaper Trader decided that the best approach was to show off the designs. The designs are laid out in a grid, much like an Instagram feed. This combination of image and caption is reminiscent of an old-school catalog and is extremely effective when it comes to showing off your product.

4. Kenzie Collective — Driving Pre-orders

Template: Melbourne

Kenzie Collective is an accessory and fashion label with eye-catching designs. They understand the power of using email marketing campaigns to drive pre-orders for their products.

Their email campaign starts with an intro that explains a bit about the new range that’s available to pre-order. The main CTA directs the reader to Kenzie Collective’s site, where they can pre-order the range. The button is large and colorful so that the reader’s eye is instantly drawn to it.

5. Botanic Box — High-quality Images

Template: Melbourne

Botanic Box is a plant subscription service. In this email marketing example, they use high-quality images to show off their products.

The email starts with some description of what the current month’s plant is going to be. Taking center-stage is the studio shot image of the peace lily. The high quality of the photo shows the plant off in all its glory and captures the reader’s attention. Botanic Box uses a grid with many great images, with relevant captions underneath. This resembles an Instagram feed and helps to add extra sparkle to the email.

6. Blush & Co — Personal Touch

Template: Sydney

Blush & Co creates hand-crafted jewelry, which can be very personal to each customer. That’s why they decided to add a personal touch to their email marketing campaigns.

The email opens with a short note, almost like a letter, from Blush & Co’s founder, Jacquie. It tells the reader about a number of announcements, including pop-up stores and promo codes. The best part is that it’s signed off by Jacquie herself. She even includes a photo of herself. This helps forge a stronger relationship between the brand and its customers. Crucially, she uses a stunning feminine template to pull together the images and text content.

7. Little Makeup Lovers — Sharing Promos

Template: Sydney

Promo codes and discounts are a great way to improve sales. Little Makeup Lovers offer a great example of how email campaigns can help drive promotional offers.

The intro text is short and to the point. It tells the reader all they need to know about the sale. This is perfect for our ever-decreasing attention spans. Underneath the promo announcement, they include a gallery of images that show off some of their products. More notably, they also include a couple of photos of children using the products. This is far more effective than simply showing the product itself.

8. Bella Buttercup — Injecting Humor

Template: Sydney

Bella Buttercup produces a range of high-end baby products. In this email marketing example, they focus on baby showers, sharing ideas for gifts.

What makes this email stand out, however, is its use of humor to get the ball rolling. By using a joke at the start of the email, they spark a bit of joy in the reader and open them up for the rest of the content. They then include a catalog of relevant products they sell, laid out in a nice, clear grid. Interestingly, they also include prices for the products, so that the reader won’t get a shock if they click through to purchase.

9. Just Ray Baby — Collaboration

Template: Sydney

Just Ray Baby sells shoes for babies and toddlers. For this email campaign, they decided to collaborate with Bella Buttercup (see number 8 above) by hosting an ad.

The ad is included at the bottom of the email, where they provide a link to Bella Buttercup’s Instagram and site. Collaboration through our Curated Community is one of the best email marketing ideas, as it enables you to tap into each other’s audiences and expand your reach.

The body of the email also features a product announcement, with a fantastic studio shot of the new shoe range. It’s clear and enticing for the reader, and immediately generates interest in the new product.

10. Right At Home Staging — Referral Form

Template: Melbourne

Right At Home Staging, an interior design company, used email marketing to drive people to their referral form.

This is a very specific use of an email, and so the whole email is focused on making the reader click through to use the form. There’s a brief intro that explains about the form, a professional graphic showing what it looks like, and a prominent CTA button. By keeping it simple, Right At Home Staging is able to focus on channeling subscribers to their referral form. 

11. Bake Mixes — Use Research

Template: Sydney

Bake Mixes provide guilt-free baking mixes, so they used research to give their email marketing a scientific edge.

They start their email intro with a reference to a scientific study and link to it. This shows that they know their stuff, and increases their perceived authority. Bake Mixes also include a promo code which helps drive click-throughs and sales. Their use of stunning imagery is enough to make anyone salivate. Why write about how tasty their products are when they can simply show us?

12. Club Soda — Lighten Up

Template: Singapore

Email marketing campaigns might be serious business, but that doesn’t mean they have to actually be serious. Club Soda uses a humorous, informal tone to help strengthen their relationship with their customers. 

Using a mixture of memes and funny copy, Club Soda is able to put a smile on the reader’s face, and this makes them far more likely to purchase. They also use email marketing to show off their award nomination and ask for votes.

13. Cosmetic Injectables — Be Transparent

Template: Singapore

Cosmetic Injectables provide cosmetic and other beauty services to their customers. These kinds of products require a lot of trust between the business and the consumer. To establish that trust, Cosmetic Injectables use email marketing to give the reader a glimpse behind the scenes. While the main focus of the intro is on advertising the latest promo, the rest of the email contains brief updates about the clinic, new products, and employee training. The promo helps to close the deal, and the transparency helps to gain trust. Adding these together in one email blast is a surefire way to drive sales.

14. Emma Duzhnikova — Blog Posts

Template: Alexandria

Food and lifestyle photographer, Emma Duzhnikova, uses her email campaigns to share her latest blog posts. 

Emma provides just the right amount of information to draw the reader in, and entice them to click through and read the blog. These blog posts cover a range of creative topics and help to build relationships with her audience. By sharing stories from her photoshoots, she provides value while also promoting her services.  

15. Eleventh Beauty — Storytelling

Template: Singapore

Eleventh Beauty is a clean beauty and wellness blog run by Tilly Martinez. Tilly uses her emails as a platform to tell stories.

In this case, she shares the story of a man found in a bog. Telling a story helps draw the reader in and makes them engage with the email. When she transitions to promoting relevant content and products, the reader is already primed to click through. She also provides a personal touch by providing a few photos of herself.

Check out this blog post for more storytelling tips and examples.

16. Chrissy Ghio — Social Media

Template: Auckland

For a lot of brands, social media and email marketing are two distinct channels. For Chrissy Ghio, a social media manager, the two couldn’t be more intertwined.

Chrissy sent out an email campaign that included some of her top social media updates. The subscriber will be driven to her Instagram profile, which helps her expand her cross-platform reach. The layout Chrissy uses is very minimal so the focus is always on her content. She also includes a collaboration with Whistlewood Boutique.

17. Providence Melbourne — Promoting Events

Template: Sydney

Providence Melbourne is a gourmet food store. They also run events, such as the cooking class they are marketing in this email blast example.

The email’s intro explains everything the reader needs to know about the class, including what it includes, when it is, and how much it costs. Given that they are a food company, they also added some mouthwatering images to their email campaign. These are far more enticing than any copy would be. The CTA they use to drive customers to book a space is big and bold, and will definitely capture attention.

18. Hamptons Home — Top Picks

Template: Alexandria

Everyone loves lists. They’re easy to follow, and give you tons of information in a clear layout. Hamptons Home used lists to great effect in their email marketing, producing their top 5 picks for chrome products.

This is a fantastic way of showing off some of their products. The layout lends itself to a list, alternating between photos and descriptions of the products. The descriptions themselves are extremely well-written. This gives the feel of a catalog or brochure, emphasizing the quality of their products.

19. Wilo Beauty — Bookings

Template: Singapore

Email marketing isn’t just suited to selling products, it works for services as well. 

Wilo Beauty did just that, creating this great example of how email marketing can help to entice people into booking an appointment.

They organize the various treatments they offer into blocks so that the distinctions are clear. They also include information on prices and provide selling points, such as longevity. Wilo also includes a collaboration with Lululemon in this campaign.

20. Donvale Flower Gallery — Special Occasions

Template: Minsk

Donvale Flower Gallery sell flowers and gifts so Mother’s Day is a big deal for them.

It turns out email marketing campaigns provide a great opportunity to make the most of special occasions. The intro in this email instantly reminds the reader that Mother’s Day is fast approaching. The entire email focuses on Mother’s Day gift options, with images of stunning floral arrangements. It’s timely, relevant, and speaks directly the pain point of their audience — finding a gift for their mother.

Level up your email marketing with Ampjar

The above examples are some of our favorite marketing newsletter designs and hopefully you’ve got a load of email marketing ideas buzzing around your head!

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Here’s the best part: each and every one of these emails was sent using Ampjar.  Ampjar enables you to put your social content at the front and center of your email campaigns making it easier than ever to grow your customer base!

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