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Ampjar Is Hiring and It’s a Cracking Role!

ampjar is hiring

Peter Davis

Peter Davis

28 Jun, 2018

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Excitedly we just made an appointment for this role. We always love hearing from interesting and ambitious people though, and if you want to work with us, please reach out and say hi.

As we may have mentioned here and there, we absolutely love working with small businesses. Frankly, the people behind them inspire us.

It takes a whole lot of something special to throw in the towel on something secure and follow your dream, or do what you do with kids in tow, or build up a business (then head into the scary world of social and digital!), or just represent something you love.

ampjar is hiring

One of my favourite parts of the role is helping these guys directly. Jumping on a call, taking a look over someone’s campaign before it sends, or helping match a colour for a background from a logo. I love it because everyone just wants to do better and…

I’ve heard more genuine thank yous in the last year than all the years I worked in the corporate world put together.

There’s only one me though (I know all of you get that feeling!), and I need some help to ensure we can keep up the level of support to all of our customers while we grow.

We need to add someone pretty special to the team.

We need someone who can:

  1. quickly get to know Ampjar like the back of their hand;
  2. be a great communicator; and
  3. be as passionate about small businesses (and the people behind them) as we are.

The role will focus on what is aptly known in the tech world as Customer Success. I haven’t thought of a good title for it yet! For the right candidate I’m happy to let them choose their title – like I did in my first full time job at the Western Bulldogs where I was ‘Strategic Partnerships Coordinator’ – and boy did I Coordinate some Strategic Partnerships!

This superstar would help customers from the first time they jump into Ampjar. Showing them how to get set up, picking the perfect sending times, and even helping them tweak their first campaign.

Your job is to help people get the most out of Ampjar and quickly fall in love with it.

We also want to keep on listening to our customers. What do they want and need? How can we help them better and help them be better? You’ll be on the front line of this.

You need to be someone who can be the best in the world at what we do. The right candidate is going to become known as the expert on this. In the future you’ll have people begging you to sit on panels, run seminars and just tell us what we should do. Look forward to a future of being adored.

We’d love to have someone working initially 2 to 3 days a week, pretty flexibly, and ideally spending some time each day Monday-Friday.

We’d love to hear from people in all stages and walks of life.

Got kids? Great, so do we. Bonus points for twins 😉
Got a degree and lots of relevant experience? Nice work 😎
Live in regional Australia? We use Slack and Skype and will come visit one day 🛩

Please email me, preferrably with a CV but if you don’t have one, just start typing and send me a nice email. Please share this with anyone who you think might be a great fit, or might know someone who’d be a great fit.

I’m waiting for your email

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