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Ampjar Design Journey Updates and News

Introducing Ampjar: Our brand design journey

Often when things look effortless, it’s because there’s so much work behind the scenes we don’t see. An exquisitely crafted pair of leather shoes? It was probably the tenth attempt at getting the stitching just right. A slogan tee that makes you chuckle

Peter Davis

Ampjar Pricing Hero Updates and News

Introducing Ampjar: Our New Pricing

Why we’re changing pricing Here at Ampjar, we’re not afraid of looking for improvements and acknowledging we don’t always get it right the first time. Starting out as Postie in 2016, we benchmarked our pricing against other email marketing platforms. Some platforms had

Peter Davis

Ampjar New Vision Updates and News

Introducing Ampjar: New Brand, Evolved Vision

We’re changing There are some exciting changes around here and we want to be the first to tell you about it. From today on, Postie will be called Ampjar. Our name might be changing, and our mission evolving, but the important things won’t

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Ampjar-Amplify Updates and News

Introducing Our New Product: Ampjar Amplify

Last week, we announced a new product that sits inside your Ampjar account. We think this is a game-changer for brands. Over the year and a bit that we’ve been running Ampjar, we’ve sent thousands of emails to millions of customers. We’ve spoken

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perfect signup featured Updates and News

The Perfect Email Sign-Up Form

Just give it to me now now Capturing customers email addresses is always a good idea! Doing so can be a great value-add from markets and events, and should be a permanent fixture if you’re running a retail store. A5 or half-letter size

Peter Davis

new ampjar featured image Updates and News

Meet the New Ampjar

The original post mentioned our previous brand name, Postie. Original screenshots were retained for this post. We’ve built a whole new version of Ampjar that provides a better user interface, is more reliable and improves our already-impressive spam-filter-beating. While we also wanted to

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getting to know as Updates and News

Getting to Know Us

Hi, I’m Pete, and I lead the team behind Ampjar. When we have something genuinely valuable to share, it’ll be me sending it to you, so I thought I’d introduce myself! As a quick bit of background–I headed up a social media marketing

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