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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

30 Jul, 2020

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Ampjar creates a way to connect with other brands in our community and then shout them out to your customers. You always have control of who you shout out, and who shouts you out in return. Choosing who you shout out comes down to a few things including sharing something that appeals to you personally, sharing something that is relevant to talk about right now and sharing content that will appeal to your customers. Now if you want to be the brand that gets shouted out, you need to make sure your content hits all the ticks across the board! Let us show you how…

The best place to start is to show you how someone chooses which brand they’re going to shout out.

It’s pretty fast, but the first step is looking at your Community page and clicking to see what content they have created to be shared.

It’s this content that really tells the story. Brands look at this collection of imagery and choose if they’re going to shout you out from what they see here. Whether they choose to share one of these images or not (when you shout someone out in your Instagram Stories you don’t have to go with one of these images, you can choose something else from their feed).

We handle the part of making sure that you show up as one of their options of who to shout out. Members in your Community Page are ordered based on:

  • the matching score between the two brands
  • how active you are in shouting out other brands

…and you’ll only show up if you have some karma credits that will pay for the shoutout.

So other than being active in shouting out others, the best thing you can do is ensure that your ad content appeals to other members. There are a few ways to really stand out. Let’s dig into them.

Know your crowd

Now’s a great time to go and understand which brands you’re going to be shared by. Head here and take a look at the brands.

Think about categorizing them. Do you have a bunch of fashion brands, is it more beauty focused, are there a lot of brands that appeal to men and women or are you talking to parents? Whatever the way you can look at this, we’re looking to ensure that you know who you’re creating this content for.

You want to know that when any one of these brands clicks on you to maybe shout you out, they see something that they love and go for it.

So the first step is to know who you’re talking to.

Start with a set of content

Let’s review what ads you’ve already set up.

Based on the types of brands that are going to shout you out, go and create at least 3 ads that will appeal for them to share.

Put yourself in the shoes of other members when you look through and choose the content to put forward as ads.

It’s worth thinking about what we write right at the top:

Choosing who you shout out comes down to a few things including sharing something that appeals to you personally, sharing something that is relevant to talk about right now and sharing content that will appeal to your customers.

So think about the people behind other member brands, you want to think about how they would share your content, are they sharing something because it appeal to them? Because it fits perfectly into their conversations with their customers? Are they sharing and able to say ‘this is brand new!’?

To keep the content fresh, add expiries to any piece of content that you don’t want to be shown after a certain date.

Now you have a great base that you’re starting from there are three things you need to do.

Review when people shout you out on stories

One of the best indicators of what other members want to share, is what they’re actually sharing. When someone shouts you out in their Instagram Stories, it’s awesome! You get a notification in Instagram and an email from us. It’s a great time to shout them out back in return, but the other thing you need to think about now is – what piece of content did they share?

Was it one of your chosen ads? Why did they choose that? Should you turn it into an ad if it isn’t already (remember they can choose to share anything from your Instagram feed).

What did you learn? Use this to make sure you appeal even more to other brands in the future.

Keep on top of content

It’s now time to keep things fresh. Keep adding great content, and taking out anything that you see as less appealing.

Have at least 3 great ads, but more than 9 is going to mean your best content might get lost when they look through what they might share.

Learn from what others share, learn from new members you discover and make sure you’re putting forward content that they’re going to love and that their customers are going to love even more!

The content has to work for you too

Putting forward content that appeals to others is incredibly important, this is how you’re going to get shouted out more (along with some other tips and tricks here).

The content does also need to work for you too though! This content will drive traffic to products that you sell and want to sell more of, so keep it balanced, think about what will work for other members, but what do you want to tell new potential customers and what do you want to sell more of?!

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