17 Brands Killing It in the Kids and Baby Space – See What They’re Doing So Well

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20 Jan, 2020

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We meet a lot of brands every day and are consistently blown away by the strength of brands in the baby and kids space.

We have a few theories about this, but mostly it comes down to the following process:

  1. Super-talented person works in a career where all their skills aren’t being used or they don’t feel any passion for their work.
  2. This person becomes a Mum or Dad and goes through the fun process of buying more stuff than you ever knew was possible!
  3. This person sees some areas where the products or experiences aren’t as good as they could be and thinks ‘I could do better than that’
  4. They put their money where their mouth is and work harder than they knew was possible to build a business from experience and they won’t quit until they win.

A big part of building a great brand is seeing what works for others and incorporating the best ideas into your own approach. 

Here are 17 brands that we found all around the world that we think are incredible for lots of different reasons. 

Brands making big waves in the kids and baby space


PlayDreamers offers educational books and toys for young children, and their brand is practically oozing with a fun, light-hearted vibe. We love their personal approach to engaging with customers like frequently featuring fan-made content in their stories and posts and providing and building an active community with their Facebook group.

As far as the business is concerned, you can see clear branding across their entire media presence, from their social pages to the store (which is meticulously organized to optimize the shopper experience  and educate customers on their products and ideas for play).

Wild Mountain Child 

Right off the bat you notice Wild Mountain Child’s color palette is crisp, dark, and bold – a super refreshing contrast to the brights and pastels we usually see from kids’ brands.

Their brand is all about encouraging kids to explore nature, and even get a little messy! And because so many of their products involve helping kids discover the outdoors and get creative with the world, the brand provides a ton of how-to and play-time activity content to use along with their products. They even have nature play challenges that parents can use to find new, fresh ways to play with the products.

But our favorite thing is definitely how consumer-centric they are. It’s clear that their customers are into nature and discovery and Wild Mountain Child goes above and beyond with product descriptions for their items that show how they work, what they’re made of, and how kids can play with them.


We couldn’t even run out of amazing things to say about Olliella if we tried – we love it that much!

This brand is 100% about content marketing #goals, and they do it so effortlessly, which is crazy impressive for a growing brand. If you check out their IG page, you’ll notice the content is a mix of their products in action, behind-the-scenes company photos, and even images of the owners engaging with their kids. And the feed itself is beautiful, with a light and airy color palette that carries right over to their website’s branding. Plus, their website is setup so that you can shop the looks from their Insta (which they’ve guaranteed you’ll fall  in love with).

Their site itself only gets better. They’re backed by Oprah.


In addition to having the queen of daytime TV sing their praises, they also work hard to make sure their site is engaging to keep customers around once they’re on it. It’s chock full of amazing blog content featuring customer highlights, how-tos, and more behind-the-scenes content. Plus high quality videos of their products in-use by real kids!

Murray and Finn

You’re going to notice a theme here, and it’s that we’re suckers for good branding and a consistent IG theme. So of course we’re going to call out Murray & Finn’s bright, airy, and neutral palette featured both on their site and IG. And we have to say, we’re huge fans of their flatlays and how they design their images. 

But the love doesn’t stop there.

The best part about social media is being social, and Murray & Finn nail it there, too. They’re constantly engaging with followers through stories, sharing user-generated content, and collaborating with other brands. And their website makes it a point to share their story and lead with who they are and how the company was established. It gives the brand an incredibly human and relatable feel.

The Small Folk

The Small Folk shines a spotlight on all things flora, fauna, and classic child development fun!

They have a huuuge collection of products, and the first thing we noticed is how organized their website is despite their inventory size.That makes it easy-peasy for parents to navigate the site and find exactly what they’re looking for – and that’s important. Good user experience is something shoppers won’t recognize outright, but they’ll definitely notice when it makes shopping harder – The Small Folk is killing it here.

But our favorite thing about this lovable brand is how personable and fun they are. Their IG is filled with super fun, engaging stories that relate to real parents. And they connect with their community by offering an exclusive “Free pickup” perk.

But the piéce de résistance? That Pinterest game is S.T.R.O.N.G.. The feed is beautiful. It’s meticulously organized. And totally optimized for their target demographic. A lot of brands struggle with Pinterest marketing and The Small Folk is a great example of how to get it right.

Arabella and Rose

Come on. That feed is filled with more adorable dimples and chubby cheeks than you can shake a stick at.

The entire account is its own rabbit hole of cuteness where you can get lost for days. Maintaining solid consistent content is hard enough on your own so being able to curate the amount of high quality, on-brand customer generated content is impressive. And we’re pretty sure you can attribute that to Arabella and Rose’s genuine connection with the community they’ve built.

But our favorite thing about them has got to be their absolutely stunning website. It’s fun and whimsical for sure, but we love how organized and fresh the product page is. It almost comes across more like a fun, modern blog than a store. And there’s no doubt that casual approach makes people a little more cavalier about parting with their money.

Little Bambinos 

If you need inspiration for what to do with your kids and baby brand, definitely keep Little Bambinos on your radar. Just when you think they’ve nailed it in every way that they can, you notice another little touch they’ve added to make sure their customers have an absolutely stellar experience.

We all appreciate a good-looking feed, and theirs is To. Die. For. It’s got this really pretty and bright neutral & blue theme, but it also suddenly deviates to black and white imagery and it somehow still works. But the stories are well the real money is at with Little Bambinos, because they use them to build intimacy and connect with their fans.

Like how the owner announced the birth of her baby and that she’d be taking time off. That’s not something she had to do, but it’s great for their community and it makes the customers feel like part of the family.

But that’s not even where it ends. They’re website also has a cool chat tool and a journal blog that shares behind-the-scenes photoshoot images and product breakdowns.

Little Big Learning

We have one thing to say about Little Big Learning – their entire presentation is killing it. There’s a lot more they’re doing right, but they’ve done THAT GOOD on their photography and we’re swooning over it.

It’s beautiful and we appreciate how much time it likely took to get right. And on a platform like Instagram that caters specifically to images – it’s invaluable content that users will love.


You know we’re gonna say it… That Instagram feed is on fire. It’s got big, warm, autumn vibes; and they’re totally pulling it off despite being a traditionally darker palette for the kids and baby space. (And by the way – yes, their website uses the same color scheme and yes, it’s just as breathtaking as their IG if you can believe it).

If you can’t tell, we’re suckers for brands with a fun and engaging personality. But then, most of the Internet is. So we love how Mushie has fun with their products in their messaging and we love how they use their stories to ask their customers questions and start a direct dialogue with them.

Silky Tots

Silky Tots’ marketing game is solid – they make good use of social proof to help people make decisions. It’s always a good idea to flaunt ‘em if ya got ‘em and their testimonials surely do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to making sales.

They also nail brand messaging and engaging storytelling on both their social channels and website – they have great copy that educates, inspires, and entices the customer to continue clicking through, something that is far too easy to mess up.

Little French Heart

This brand’s Instagram account is presented like their own personal fairytail, and it invites customers to get lost in their journey with them. The theme of the feed bounces between contrasting colors and varying degrees of light and shade, but the whimsical aesthetic always matches the classic French undertones they were going for. 

In fact, if you’re really into the French vibe, you can follow their second account where they feature their journey through life in Paris.

As far as their website, it’s crisp, clean, and easy to navigate – you’ll always find what you’re looking for. And of course it has that same je ne sais quoi that we love. 


Minouche clothing’s Instagram feed is just incredible. We love that they present their content with a more editorial, catalog feel. It feels genuine to the brand, but it also elevates it to a more premium or high-end feel, which is especially stunning considering the company’s size. Huge Kudos, Minouche!

Their website is where they really let the company vision shine, though. Instead of taking you straight to the products, the copy leads you in with social proof via the big names Minouche has worked with. Then directly into their About section describing the company, product, and what customers will love about the brand. They set the stage for customers to fall in love with the product before they even see it. Brilliant!

Native Fable

Holy adorable, Batman! Right off the bat Native Fable’s product is just precious as heck, so their hats seem like they’d basically sell themselves to anyone with young children who live in a colder climate. This might seem like a limited market but this brand is still 100% on top of their game.

First of all, their content is great. Cute hats + cuter kids + heartwarming scenes? Who can resist? Clearly not their audience, which is super engaged. And they even manage to tap into other brands’ followers with the collaborations they do. Plus their highlights and stories make it easy for customers to find the content they want.

And if you want more, you can even join their VIP Facebook group to stay in the know about their products and brand.

Bambi & Birdie

We absolutely love that Bambi & Birdie keep things local by sharing where they make and manufacture their products on their IG. They combine this with premium imagery reminiscent of a much bigger and older brand – hard to achieve with any size account.

Their website all but ensure you won’t leave empty-handed, thanks to the smart choice of including collections. They make it easier for customers to shop, but also provide products for the whole family so you can get something for everyone.

And if you’re a family blogger or similar brand? Well they have an easy-to-find option to get more info about media partnerships and collaborations.

Sacred Bundle

After scrolling through the Sacred Bundle feed, we can’t help but notice how well they do the job of telling their story through their content. You’re not left trying to figure out what the product is or what the brand is about – we love that clarity.

Their website is more of the same – we’re a sucker for big, bold images, and their site delivers in spades. Additionally, the site is really user friendly, super functional, and if you happen to be shopping when someone else has made a purchase you’ll get a little pop up that tells you so. More of that social proof everyone loves.

Posh Peanut 

The thing about babies is that they’re simultaneously the cutest and the fussiest models, making challenging to get consistent brand-worthy images. Posh Peanut really makes it work by using their own photos while also harnessing the power of their community to provide awesome content.

Their feed is heavy on the stories and they use them to promote the brand and share some behind the scenes footage that their audience loves. Oh, and did you spot an item you’d like to grab for a baby in your life? They’re website has a “Shop our feed” section so you can pluck pieces from the content you saw on IG.

Bunny Knots

If you can peel yourself away from their Instagram feed of precious cheeks peeking out from underneath those adorable little bonnet hats, you’ll find some great info on the Bunny knots website. While the brand does an excellent job displaying their product on social media, their site carries most of the meat about the brand.

In addition to being able to shop, you’ll also learn some background info about the brand and have the option to sign up for text alerts about new products (which is incredibly hand if you’ve got your eye on their more popular items).

However, our favorite part is the journey the customer is guided through during their visit. A brief introduction to the brand, their most popular items and signature collections, information about the products and the owner, and why moms love it.

What these businesses teach you about taking your kid and baby brand to the next level 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of branding is that it lends itself to as much or little creativity as you want to give – there are countless ways to connect with your customers.  So whatever your brand’s personality – edgy and alternative or sweet and innocent – it’s a good idea to incorporate it throughout your entire online presence – customers LOVE feeling that connection.

But making sure customers have a good experience when browsing your properties is also an area you should definitely prioritize. That means you should think about including:

  • Good content that provides value to your customers
  • Offering more information about your product and continual uses for it
  • Ideas for parents to engage with their kids (with or without the help of your brand)
  • Intuitive organization so people can easily navigate your shop

Are you doing some or all of these things for your kids and baby brand? Or better yet, do you have an idea or technique you SWEAR by that we didn’t mention? Share it with us! We’re always interested in hearing what works for you, and dedicated to giving you all the resources we can to help your succeed. 

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