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How Emma Got 5k+ Subscribers and 27% Click-through Rates in 1 Month

Play at home mummy case study

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Pete Davis

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19 Sep, 2019

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No list, no problem. Emma, insta mom extraordinaire at Play at Home Mummy, is a prime example of how quality content and an engaged following on Instagram can help you grow an email list fast. 

Instagram algorithms are rapidly evolving, and getting your content seen is more important than ever. Moreover, after spending all that time creating your Instagram content, it is wise to repurpose them for a newsletter to keep your audience engaged.

How Emma uses Instagram to get newsletter signups

From 0 to 5k subscribers

Emma started off just like any of us, with 0 subscribers. While that might seem intimidating, remember that Instagram is the perfect place to start getting signups. If you already have a link in your bio, great! You can use linktree to add in the newsletter subscription option. If you don’t, like Emma, you can add your Ampjar signup link to your Instagram bio.

Play at home mummy signup link

This was how many subscribers Emma had by the first week:

Play at home mummy week 1 subscribers

A whopping 2,704 subscribers signed up, meaning she converted 2% of her Instagram followers!

By her fourth week, Emma had 4,697 subscribers:

Play at home mummy week 4 subscribers

She converted 4% of her Instagram followers in just one month, and we expect that her email subscriber list will grow quickly over the next few months. Even today, her subscriber count has crossed the 5k mark!

Even for non-tech savvy users, the tools we have today make it easy for anyone to get started on building their brand online. Emma didn’t have a blog, website, nor an online store when she began her journey. With the right tools and the right people to guide her along the way, Emma was able to grow her audience.

It may be intimidating at first when you start off with no subscribers on your profile. Our customer success team is here to help you keep a positive outlook and take practical steps you can start reaching out to people who are interested in your brand.

It took Emma only a month to achieve the growth that she has now.

Emma has already hosted four ads from Liptember, Cooking For Busy Moms, and Ijubilee, earning four figures in the process. Not only does she provide value to her loyal and engaged follower base–she is also able to monetize her content in an authentic way.

You can set up a demo with the Ampjar Customer Success team here–we will show you how to grow your email list using Instagram and share email marketing tips that are relevant for you. You can also sign up for our next webinar here 

How Emma uses email marketing to engage her audience

Emma doesn’t have a blog, a website, or an online store. All her email newsletter buttons link back to her Instagram feed. What this means is that her Instagram posts get more engagement than ever, causing a positive feedback loop.

Without a blog or a website, it can be quite hard to grow your audience and for people to know more about you and your brand. Emma only had her newsletter button links redirect subscribers to her Instagram account, which helps her audience catch up with what updates her kids and the new creative learning tactics she has up her sleeve. 

Content is key here. What’s even more impressive than her subscriber numbers, is Emma’s open and click-through rates. With her impressive skills in creating new ways to let her children learn while playing, more and more moms (and dads) follow and subscribe to her account to also learn how they can do the same thing at home.

In her first three campaigns alone, she saw an average unique open rate of 57%. She also saw a high unique click-through rate of 27%!

Play at home mummy campaign onePlay at home mummy campaign twoPlay at home mummy campaign three



These impressive numbers show that email marketing is as powerful as ever when you have an engaged audience and the right tool to spread the message. 

How you can replicate Emma’s results

While you may still be building your Instagram following, Ampjar has made it easy to repurpose your Instagram content to amplify your engagement further.

We have made it incredibly easy to build email campaigns from your Instagram content in one click.

Instagram, at the end of the day, is a platform that allows endless scrolling. Instagram is built for short attention spans and does not encourage users to pay attention to one post for extended periods of time. Further, Instagram does not allow you to add links to your posts, so followers are less likely to click through to visit your website.

Based on research from Optinmonster, email campaigns see a click-through rate of 3.71% on average, compared to a 0.58% engagement rate on social media. Further, emails see 3x more conversions than social media. This goes to show that email marketing is more important than ever and complements social media nicely.

Wanna replicate the success of Emma? Whether you’re a new or existing Ampjar user, we help you start and grow your email list effectively. Join our webinar or schedule a demo with us now!

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