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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

24 Sep, 2017

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Hi, I’m Pete, and I lead the team behind Ampjar.

When we have something genuinely valuable to share, it’ll be me sending it to you, so I thought I’d introduce myself!

As a quick bit of background–I headed up a social media marketing agency for 7 years, starting off as a husband and wife duo working from home on one account, to having 22 staff and 40+ brands across 6 countries in our portfolio.

I’ve now teamed up with some very smart friends and taken the leap to step away from running that business to work on Ampjar.

Through working on social so extensively, I consistently found that no one creates content as well as the people who are living and breathing a brand every day. The content that many small brands create is truly inspiring.

I also know that creating emails is a huge job. You have to know:

  • what you want to say,
  • then write it out,
  • then create images,
  • then build the email
  • and then send it.

You might have this all worked out and just spend a couple of hours on creating an email or you may see every email as a half day job that you dread and sometimes never get around to.

For some big brands, across all the people working on their campaigns, the time spent creating each email can total 50+ hours. Which seems crazy, but is worth it because emails (by most metrics) are the highest ROI marketing in a brand’s arsenal.

It works because when you open an email, it has your (relatively) undivided attention, especially vs. the noise of a social news feed! On social, you can see something you really want, but don’t immediately act because of the temptation to scroll or the fact you’re not in a position to head over to a website to buy something. Email is different for many reasons and the stats back it up.

The good and bad is that in email, even more so than in social, it’s a level playing field. To a consumer’s eye, an email is an email, no matter how big the organization it came from. They’re just after three things: Beautiful visuals, interesting content and a click that’s worth their time.

So this is where the idea of Ampjar came from. How do we help small and medium size brands use their amazing Instagram content to tap into the power of email marketing?

We’ve created a tool that is really simple to run and that we think will yield great results. We think you’ll come to value Ampjar as a key part of your marketing strategy; tweaking and shaping your Instagram content to ensure it flows across your email campaigns. Above all, we think you’ll see rate Ampjar as highly as you do your Instagram account for talking to your consumers and driving digital sales.

Whether you have a limited database or a great list you’ve worked on for a while that you don’t get to speak to as often as you like, we’re excited to get Ampjar working for you.

Please talk to us through your experience using Ampjar; ask us questions, send us ideas. We can’t wait to see what you think and what you tell us!

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