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Pete Davis

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16 Sep, 2020

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The most important part of shouting out another brand is that it adds to the conversation and relationship between you and your current customers.

You have worked hard to build those relationships and everything we do is there to ensure that when you shout out another small business it significantly adds to those relationships.

When you shout out other brands you need to give them context – let them know why you’re shouting out another brand.

There are lots of ways to give context:

  • you personally know or shopped the brand yourself;
  • you know the owner;
  • they or their content ties in really nicely with something you sell; or
  • you love their styling and content.

Any of these reasons help, you can easily give the context in the individual post. But the biggest hack for this is why we’re sharing this post.

The best way to shout out other brands is by grouping, or batching, your shoutouts.

The way to think about it is that by using groupings to focus on different groups, industries or types of brands you can more easily share a number of brands in one post while enriching your relationship with your customers.


While we want you to think about social shoutouts, this is also completely true of email shoutouts too. Dropping more than one ‘fave girl boss business’ ‘or accessories brands to die for’ in your email makes what you’re sharing more valuable for your customers. It’s a diary of what you’re crushing on and people who deserve your, and their, attention.

We’ve pulled together seven ideas of categories to get you thinking, though we’re sure more will come to mind as you read through.

  1. Small business love – today we’re going to shout out some of our fave small businesses (a nice easy start!)
  2. [place you’re from/fave city] brands – today we’re giving some love to some other incredible made in LA brands
  3. Female founders – today we’re sharing the spotlight with female founders in all different industries (could even tie into events like equal pay day)
  4. Black founders – lifting up black founders (or other minority founders) to play a small part
  5. [category] brands that we’re crushing on – showcase a selection of brands in areas that reflect your personality like accessories, candles or fashion
  6. [color] day! – We’re rocking [e.g. pink] today and we love all these brands who rock [e.g. pink] just as hard as we do!
  7. Brands doing good for the world – pick out brands and share their story of why their doing good for the planet (e.g. vegan, renewable materials, green products)

Then you can just keep going and making it up in line with what you’re doing, brands that you take a liking to and whatever feels right.

Have fun with it, let us know some of your favorite approaches where you were shouted out or did the shouting out.

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