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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

26 Jun, 2020

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Sharing a brand in your Instagram stories is a very simple thing, but the fun and success for both of you comes when you add some smart thought to what you’re doing and why.

Here we explore the top ways that you can shout out one of your matched brands through Instagram stories.

Shouting out a brand on Instagram Stories is the quickest and easiest way to start using Ampjar and to start getting views, traffic and sales from the community.

Perhaps the biggest secret of stories shout outs is that they can:

  1. positively impact your reach; and
  2. improve your relationship with your customers.

When you share new and differentiated content with your customers, they stop and look, they engage with it. They like and trust you more for sharing interesting things that you’re not selling.

When they stop and engage with your content the Instagram algorithm notices and next time you share content they push your stories earlier and for longer.

Making interesting and engaging content is tough. It’s hard to come up with stuff that your customers will engage with. The content that brands put forward for you to shout out is great content and as you may know, if one of the suggested pieces of content doesn’t work for you, you can share anything from the matched brand’s Instagram feed.

Let’s skip forward to how you can do you stories shout outs in a way that will make your stories pop and then your own stories always get even more love.


One Offs

Pick a brand out, choose something to share and throw it out there. Stories shoutouts can be nice punctuation points in your own stories.

This example from Oko Skincare shouting out Ginger and Co. is perfect.

Sharing the small business love

Do a batch of shout outs that shows you care. Find a nice way to introduce it, such as a a slide that says ‘Sharing the love, here are some of our fave small businesses’. Then do 3-5 shout outs back to back, highlighting what you love and letting your customers fall into clicking through and exploring these killer brands.

Electric Confetti use a perfectly on-brand intro tile and then inject their personality into everyone that they shout out.



Addison Ross have turned on their design skills with an incredibly polished approach that fits their aesthetic beautifully.


Build up to it

Take a run-up at your shout outs. Tell people a story over a few tiles of talking and showing things and then tie it back. Such as something about styling your home, and then check out this brand, you love the look of what they do. Or something that your kids loved and then tie it back to a brand you discovered that fills that gap.

This can take a little more effort but is no doubt a beautiful way to share the love that makes your shout out feel oh so natural.

He’s a great example from Little Printables shouting out Tiny Tones. They are brilliant storytellers and turn on the camera to build up to a shout out, and then tie one of their own products into the conversation at the end.

Sharing something complementary to your offering

Tie your products into the brand and products that you’re sharing. Use their styling ideas to support your own messaging. Tie in patterns, trends, blocks of oranges, greys or pinks. Do you sell dresses? Share someone that sells accessories.

You can even tie these together for gift ideas in holiday seasons or just whenever works!

Little Printables again show us the way, this time shouting out Edge of the Forest.


Pick a day and make it count

Pick a day every week and use it as a theme of content where you always shout out other brands and small businesses. Choose a day where content is tough to pull together or where you’re lacking inspiration, and shout out 3-5 brands in a row or throughout the day.

Your customers will look forward to it because they’re interested in your opinion, and you’ll feel the value in the exposure Instagram gives your content over the next 24 hours vs if you posted something less engaging or nothing at all.

Nene and Bop and Good Day Club do this perfectly.


…and how to share the content

There are three ways to shout out a brand:

  1. Pick a piece of content that they have inside Ampjar (we’ll send it to you and you put it up)
  2. Share a piece of content from their feed
  3. Create a video of you telling your customers why you think they’re awesome

However you do it, just make sure to hit confirm so we know you shouted them out and we can track the stats and reward you with karma credits exactly 24 hours later.

…and most of all, have fun!

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