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Pete Davis

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5 May, 2019

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Here at Ampjar we know that the look and overall user experience (UX for those in the biz!) of a website is usually critical to the success of a business.

No-one is going to stick around to read your content or make a purchase if your site isn’t easy to read and navigate.

We have customers from all over the world, from graphic design and paper goods shop Joy Creative Shop in the United States to global vitamin brand VÖOST Vitaminhaus, founded in Australia. Brands typically have different levels of web experience and confidence, and different ways of approaching a task.

Website navigation toggle

So, it was really important to us that both our website and our email editing platform were easy and intuitive to use. And yes, on top of looking pretty too. In the age of Instagram we know the importance of looking great online!

We catch up with our web design magician Kurt Winter (US) to hear a bit more about the process.

Our inspiration

The first step was thinking about what we wanted the website to achieve.

Beyond aesthetics, a website is a critically important tool for your business. You need to be crystal clear on what you want it to achieve, this makes the design process a little easier.

Industry page wireframe

Kurt says “We knew we wanted to focus on our newer features – especially Amplify, and encouraging collaboration between our community of brands.  We wanted to use visual language to tell both our story and the story of how we can help businesses.”

Amplify ad feature

When we launched Ampjar we were clear on our vision. We’re not just a tool, we’re a community. We believe in quality and building something sustainable that matters.

We’re a community of brands that you can work with to amplify your message and grow, and builds this on top of the best and fastest emails you’ll ever send.

We wanted our website—and our overall brand look—to tell this story.

Our style

It was a team effort to ensure the website, logo, graphic design and other design elements all looked cohesive.

Kurt says “The style direction was guided by our awesome graphic designer Jodi and illustrator Matt. The goal between us was to set a cohesive visual language for Ampjar that stayed true across any format the brand was represented.”

Style guide mockup

“For me, the most inspiring part of this process was to learn about the people and brands that use Ampjar. Particularly learning about the stories from small passionate brands and how Ampjar has helped them grow their business and connect with their customers. This is what influenced me when designing the site.”

Featured customers

“Overall, it has a warm and inviting handmade aesthetic that is reflective of the unique and passionate people behind the brands who use our Ampjar.”

Our users

If a website isn’t easy to navigate, you’ll lose your audience—and potential customers—straight away. Your web design influences your conversion and bounce rates, important stats to track for any business.

We worked to refine and improve, constantly adjusting and testing to ensure our site was easy to navigate and use.

Website redesign wireframes

We’ve shifted elements such as buttons and text around to optimize for usability, rinse and repeat for all the pages on our site. For Ampjar it’s important we struck a balance between being informative, usability, getting conversions, visual appeal, and being approachable.

It’s definitely a task that requires constant refinements to get it right!

Here are four tips from Kurt to help guide you on your website (re)design journey:

  • Something to take note of as a designer is to always understandno matter how experienced you may be—to think about who your users are and how they think. It’s quite rare that you, as the designer or business owner, think or act exactly the same as your target audience.
  • One way to help bridge this gap is to reach out to your customers for feedback. You can get the best feedback from the customers who have recently signed up or subscribed to your service or brand and the customers who have recently left your service or brand. Seek honest feedback and take your feelings out of it—feedback is essential to identify areas to improve.
  • When you’re looking for more specific feedback on designs or recent builds, and time and budget may not be on your side, it’s always very useful to put your site (or relevant section) in front of friends or family that aren’t familiar with your site.
  • It often takes feedback from only four to five users to identify the key trends that emerge and any issues that you need to resolve.

While we’re on the topic, if you have any feedback on our website, or email editor, shout out to our team at and we’ll get straight on the case.

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