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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

11 Apr, 2019

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We’re changing

There are some exciting changes around here and we want to be the first to tell you about it.

From today on, Postie will be called Ampjar.

Postie to Ampjar

Our name might be changing, and our mission evolving, but the important things won’t change.

We still exist to help our customers, the businesses we love–your business–succeed. To help you reach your customers, to build genuine engagement, drive sales and make life easier for you.

Let me tell you a bit more about how we started and what’s changing.

The Postie journey till now

In late 2016 we launched Postie. We started out helping this incredible new wave of digital-first, personality-led brands to engage their customers. Our aim? To make it easy for the people behind these brands to use email marketing.

Postie Growth

Using your existing social content we helped you to create engaging email campaigns, emails that were more conversation with a friend and less hard sell.

Version #1 of our humble little email product had only one template, very little editing capability and didn’t require your approval before it sent your campaign out for you!

Even in the beginning, with these basic features and a team of just three, we got some pretty incredible feedback. Email marketing was no longer a time-consuming burden. Open and click-through rates were above industry averages across the board.

Our customers–and some had never used email marketing before–saw the value of being able to send smart, beautiful emails to customers in one click.

One customer told us a story of boarding a boat in choppy seas off the coast of Scotland when she suddenly remembered her Postie campaign was due to be sent. She had the boat turned around, headed back to shore, got online, and approved the campaign before getting back on the boat. This was a testament to how much customers valued the ease of using Postie.

Our email platform has now evolved into the best and fastest way to send emails. Customers love campaigns that have personality in them–they get opened more and drive more clicks to our customers’ websites that are well above industry averages. Our solution of pre-building email campaigns using a brand’s most popular social content helps give their customers a truly engaging experience.

We’d succeeded in our aim of making email marketing a breeze for the business we loved, which got us thinking about why we started the business in the first place.

The passion that sparked the idea for Postie came from that moment when you buy from a small brand and feel a real sense of joy and belonging. My family and I loved buying products from smaller brands, where we knew their story, knew how the product was made. Maybe we even knew their dog’s name from following their socials. We wanted to experience that feeling more and wanted more people to experience that feeling.

Two years into running Postie, we started asking ‘How can we get that feeling every time we spend money?’

Hundreds of brands worldwide–from bespoke shoes to handmade natural playdough to hair and beauty salons–already use Postie to reach their customers.

The amazing brands we work with have loyal followers and customers who love them. And as most of you will know, the biggest challenge for most brands is finding new customers.

That’s where the idea for Postie Collabs came about.

The power of community

We set our minds to building a true community, where like-minded brands can support and promote each other’s brands in simple ways.

Late last year we launched Postie Collabs, and everyone who used it, loved it. 

Collabs help brands find new customers every day in a way that their subscribers love. Like-minded brands can host ads within each other’s emails, earning money for hosting and finding new customers.

We rewarded these brands every time they shouted out another brand and ensure they were rewarded fairly for having strong customer relationships.

Postie was instantly a little less ‘Postie’ and a little more about amplifying your message with other brands that care as much as you do. We love supporting small, fun agile brands that make the world a better place.

Because once they’re in, the brand can naturally be themselves and keep these customers ‘in love’.

We realized that our aim went beyond smart and fast emails – it was about building a community, and the power of a collective to thrive by sharing and helping. And we needed a brand that better supports this story for us.

So, from today on, we are: Ampjar.

About Ampjar

We’re serious about building a community where people and brands thrive together through meaningful, joyful and rewarding relationships. So serious that we’ve made that our new company mission.

Complementing that, our new company vision–one that I’m really loving and living–is:

A world where every time we spend money it brings us joy and fulfillment.

Ampjar Amplify

Why the name you ask? Amp represents the opportunity to amplify (grow) your community, jar gives us tangibility and a craft-like nature.

Ampjar brings you into a community of brands that you can work with to amplify your message and grow, and builds this on top of the best and fastest emails you’ll ever send.

We are a community of brands that help each other grow through targeted collaborative ads. We deliver your best content into another brand’s email campaigns so you can reach new customers. This feature will now be known as Amplify (like Postie Collabs for our loyal customers). All of this is built on top of the best and fastest emails you’ll ever send.

We help kickstart an exchange of goodwill between brands that care for genuine engagement, so brands can connect with more of the right kind of customers.

We believe in community above everything else. The power of a collective to thrive by sharing and helping. We believe in quality and building something sustainable that matters. We’re not throw-away big box, where one customer is just a number. We know that a true connection is everything. Technology makes it possible, community makes it work.

What’s changing

We’ve simplified our pricing structure, and improved the process where you can earn extra income/credits by hosting Ampjar Collabs. We’ll explain this in more detail in the coming weeks.

We’re excited about this change and increasing the ways we can help your business succeed and grow.  Our team has worked tirelessly to make Ampjar even smarter, easier and more intuitive than Postie. With Ampjar you’ll be part of a community of businesses and brands that are dedicated to supporting each other’s success. We’ll help you find new customers, and communicate with your existing customers.

We’re here to answer any questions about Ampjar and to make the transition seamless. Get in touch with us here or on social and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

The team, and many of you incredible people who have supported us, and tried, but I will never get to the point of calling myself Postie Pete!

ampjar team

We’d love you to jump right in. Explore opportunities with Ampjar to grow your brand with other like-minded brands who have customers who look just like your best kind of customers.

Support each other and enjoy being a part of a community focused on all the best parts of running a business.

Peter Davis, CEO Ampjar


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