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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

26 Apr, 2019

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We hope you’re liking our new look and feel around here at Ampjar. While looking pretty (if we do say so ourselves!) is one thing, we’re also about evolution and improvement of our services, to make sure we support you and your business as best we can.

We love hearing your feedback. It’s often the features you tell us you want to see that inspire us to look at how we can improve our offerings. Our customer success team is here to help you – you can contact them either via the pop-up that appears on the bottom right of the screen when you’re on our website or via email at

Here are a few of the new offerings you might like to check out:

fast emails new templates

Improving our Fast Emails

While we have focussed our tech development efforts on upgrading and improving our Amplify feature, we didn’t forget to up the ante with our Fast Emails too.

We’ve upgraded our email editor to make browsing, previewing and selecting a campaign to send much easier for you.

Next on the list to tackle was our templates. As Postie we had around 8 email templates for you to choose from. Our business started in Australia (with a team of three and working at a kitchen table!), and named our templates after Australian street names – our Aussie customers would no doubt be familiar with Fitzroy Street or Collins Street.

We got to thinking, who doesn’t like more options in life? As Ampjar, we’ve upped the game and now have 28 templates and counting.

We’re a global brand, with customers across the world. Our new template names reflect this global diversity – and is also a nod to our awesome team that works behind the scenes. We have team members everywhere from Singapore to Sydney, New York to Shanghai. If it seems like we’re always online, it’s because we are!

There are now templates specially designed for sales and promotions, for special alerts (perhaps you’ve got a new product you want to feature), and for new sign-ups.

We still have fun seasonal templates –  there’s the Christmas themed templates Vienna and Strasbourg (have you seen their Christmas markets?!) and templates for other seasonal holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Choosing a favorite template would be like picking your favorite child – but at the moment I’m loving Minsk and New York.  

Our Fast Emails are as quick and easy as ever – we take your most engaging Instagram content and pull it into one of our gorgeous pre-built templates. Images link to your website, and our email magicians have done all the work to make sure you get through those spam filters. As always you can edit and tweak to get your perfect campaign.

new amplify features

New advertise-only option with Amplify Ads

We realize that some brands in our community might want to jump straight in to collaborating with other brands and skip the Fast Emails for now.  

Ampjar’s new onboarding flow makes that so much easier. Perhaps you already have an email system in place, or you’re not ready to change the status quo.

No problem. We’ll still make it easy for you to expand and grow your business by collaborating with other like-minded brands through Amplify.

Both brands and influencers can sign up, connect their Instagram, jump straight to Amplify and then click ‘Advertise’. You can create an ad using your hottest social posts in just 3 clicks.

Browse through our community directory of brands and find a brand whose customers you think will love your brand and apply to place an ad in their campaign. Advertising is charged on a pay-per-use basis. As usual, pricing for ads is determined by the engagement rates and subscriber base size of the hosting brand. The pricing is now based on a credit system, karma credits, that serves as currency in the Ampjar community. Learn more about our new pricing here.

We love hearing your feedback and ideas – it’s how we know what features you love or want to see, so reach out to our team at any point, we’re all ears.

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