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Introducing Ampjar: Our New Pricing

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Pete Davis

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15 Apr, 2019

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Why we’re changing pricing

Here at Ampjar, we’re not afraid of looking for improvements and acknowledging we don’t always get it right the first time.

Starting out as Postie in 2016, we benchmarked our pricing against other email marketing platforms. Some platforms had more features, but we were 10x quicker and easier to use. Smart and beautiful emails in one click. It balanced out.

So when we relaunched as Ampjar it was a chance to see how we could make things easier for you and address a few problems in our old pricing.

Firstly, we penalized you when you grow. Our old pricing structure meant that we charged you more as your subscriber base grew. We didn’t love that.

Ampjar is your cheerleader. We’re here to help you grow, so penalizing growth didn’t sit right with us. On top of that, our pricing structure was suited for Fast Emails, rather than Amplify.

So we’re changing our pricing model, giving you a lot more room to grow.

Our new approach

Our new pricing rewards your growth. With our most popular tier, Pro, as part of your standard monthly fee, we include ad credits you can use to pay for collaborations–in turn helping you to find new customers. You boost your balance when you host an ad, and can then spend these ad credits to amplify your brand, placing an ad in a partner brand’s email.

It’s an exchange of goodwill between brands that care for genuine engagement, so brands can connect with more of the right kind of customers.

Whether you have 500 hundred existing customers or 200,000; Ampjar is focused on helping you find new customers while you strengthen relationships with your current customers.

When we started offering brands the chance to host another like-minded brand’s ad in their emails with Amplify, we found people loved the financial reward (not surprising!). But our customers raved more about the fact that:

  1. They can send more interesting campaigns to their customers.
  2. They can collaborate with other awesome brands that make them look great.

One of our wonderful customers Zana said “I love Amplify because I can connect with like-minded businesses that have similar target audiences to me. It means my content and products are seen by more of my perfect customers that I’d never otherwise get in front of.”

Hosting ads allows you to grow your business and helps other brands in the Ampjar community grow. Win-win right?

We’ve now made it easy for you to discover and collaborate with the right brands, and get rewarded for shouting them out! Every time you host an ad, you’ll earn credits which you, in turn, can spend on placing an ad in another brand’s campaign.

Pricing Collab

Our new pricing

We now have a credit system, Amp credits, that serves as currency in the Ampjar community. Amplify your audience by paying another brand with Amp credits, or get paid in Amp credits for hosting another brand. To keep things simple, US$1 = 10 Amp credits.

Ampjar AMPcredits

Introducing our three tiers of pricing (yes, gone are the 10+ tiers that we had before!):

  1. Starter

  • Unlimited email sends
  • 2 active collaborations
  • 1 user
  • Only available to brands with under 5,000 subscribers
  • No Amp credit included
  • No contracts

For smaller brands starting out, a lower price point to help you grow. Jump in and try out amplifying your brand while sending fast emails. Earn Amp credits through hosting others in your emails to boost your balance, or simply pay as you go.

  1. Pro

  • Unlimited email sends
  • Unlimited active collaborations
  • 3 users
  • Only available to brands with under 250,000 subscribers
  • 300 Amp credits included (US$30 worth)
  • No contracts

Perfect for a small team, leverage your Amp credits to amplify your brand. Host and amplify your brand as much as you like and watch the new customers come rolling in!

  1. Premium

  • Unlimited email sends
  • Unlimited active collaborations
  • Unlimited users
  • Available to brands with up to 500,000 subscribers
  • 5000 Amp credits included (US$500 worth)
  • No contracts

For our biggest brands who want to use the Ampjar community to reach new customers consistently by working with other brands. The bonus?  You can earn credits for hosting ads through your email campaigns and recycle the Amp credits earned for your own advertising budget.

Read more about the pricing plans here. Still have questions? Fret not, our team is on hand to help.

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