Klaviyo Pricing: How to Save Money and Alternatives to Consider

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16 Dec, 2019

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If you’re reading this, then you already know that Klaviyo is a powerful tool, and you’re thinking about investing in it to help your business grow. 

Even as a competitor, we can’t blame you: Klaviyo’s email marketing tools are highly capable and impressive. In fact, we even integrate with Klaviyo to give you the best of both worlds.

But Klaviyo isn’t the only capable option out there, and it can cost you over 400x more than other equally powerful alternatives. In fact, it’s easily one of the most expensive email marketing tools available.

Is the extra expense worth it? That’s up to you to decide.

But before you invest thousands of dollars and countless hours into a new email platform, you should make absolutely certain that you’ve looked into every viable alternative so that you’re making an informed and educated decision. 

Ampjar’s emails cost a fraction of Klaviyo’s price and builds beautiful, revenue-boosting emails with a single click, saving you both time and money. It also gives you access to personalized customer service to help your business grow and the ability to monetize your emails by selling ad space.

In this guide, we’re going to lay out the facts about Klaviyo pricing, how to save money on it, and how that pricing compares to other email marketing tools so you can make an informed choice. 

Let’s jump right in!

Klaviyo pricing

As you can tell from the monumental size of this chart, Klaviyo’s pricing is pretty complex. 

How much you pay for Klaviyo scales with the number of subscribers on your list. The pricing increases at irregular intervals, so planning ahead and budgeting for the extra costs you’ll incur as your list grows is no easy feat. 

Take a look at the chart below to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying each month.

Contacts/Subscribers Price per month
0-250 $0
251-500 $20
501-1,000 $30
1,001-1,500 $45
1,501-2,500 $60
2,501-3,000 $70
3,001-3,500 $80
3,501-5,000 $100
5,001-5,500 $110
5,501-6,000 $130
6,001-6,500 $140
6,501-9,900 $150
9,901-10,500 $175
10,501-10,900 $200
10,901-11,400 $225
11,401-12,000 $250
12,001-12,500 $275
12,501-12,900 $300
12,901-13,400 $325
13,401-15,000 $350
15,001-20,000 $375
20,001-25,000 $400
25,001-26,000 $425
26,001-27,000 $450
27,001-28,000 $475
28,001-30,000 $500
30,001-35,000 $550
35,001-40,000 $600
40,001-45,000 $650
45,001-50,000 $700
50,001-55,000 $750
55,001-60,000 $800
60,001-65,000 $850
65,001-70,000 $900
70,001-75,000 $950
75,001-80,000 $1,000
80,001-85,000 $1,050
85,001-90,000 $1,100
90,001-95,000 $1,150
96,000-100,000 $1,200
100,001-104,000 $1,250
104,001-110,000 $1,300
110,001-115,000 $1,350
115,001-119,000 $1,400
119,001-125,000 $1,450
125,001-130,000 $1,500
130,001-135,000 $1,550
135,001-139,000 $1,600
139,001-145,000 $1,650
145,001-149,000 $1,700
149,000+ Contact Klaviyo for pricing

Clearly, Klaviyo fees start adding up fast. Once you hit 150,000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay at least $1,700 a month — that’s over 400x more than you’d pay for other similar tools.

Klaviyo plans

So, what do you get for the money? Let’s take a look.

Klaviyo free account

If you have fewer than 250 subscribers, you can use Klaviyo for free. 

However, while the paid plan allows unlimited email sends for lists with 45,000 or fewer subscribers, the free plan only allows 500 email sends per month. That comes to a maximum of two list-wide email sends per month. 

This makes the Klaviyo free plan practically unusable for any business that’s beyond the setup phase. And even during the starting phases of your business, you’ll have to decide between sending out biweekly email blasts and using some of Klaviyo’s more unique features like personalized abandoned cart follow ups due to the tight limitations. 


  • Full-featured: The free plan provides users with all of Klaviyo’s features completely free of charge. This is not a watered down version of the software. 


    • Subscriber limit: Users can only use the free plan if their lists have 250 or fewer subscribers, making this plan pretty much unusable for any business that’s been operating for more than a few months. 


  • Email send limit: Users are limited to 500 email sends per month. Considering that you should generally be sending 2-3 emails per month to your entire list, this limitation will force you to choose between sending out promotional blasts and making use of Klaviyo’s flagship features like personalized abandoned cart follow ups. 

Klaviyo paid plan 

Once your list surpasses 250 subscribers, you’ll need to switch over to a paid plan. 

Klaviyo’s pricing scales with the number of subscribers on your list, which means that as your list grows, you’ll have to pay more. 

Just like the free plan, Klaviyo’s paid plans offer access to the tools full suite of services. However, unlike the free plan, the monthly email send limit is removed for lists with fewer than 45,000 subscribers. 

Once you have more than 45,000 subscribers, a limit is reimposed. Users can send out roughly 10 emails per month per subscriber. 

That means that if you have 45,001-46,000 subscribers, you can send out approximately 460,000 emails per month. If you have 46,001-47,00 subscribers, you can send out 470,000 emails per month, etc. 


  • Full-featured: You’ll get access to all of Klaviyo’s features no matter how much you’re paying.


  • You’ll pay more as you go: Klaviyo’s pricing is dynamic. As your list grows, you’ll have to pay more to continue using the tool. 
  • Difficult to budget for: Since the monthly price increases at such small and irregular intervals, it can be difficult to plan ahead and budget accordingly. 
  • Send limitations: After you surpass 45,000 subscribers, you’ll be limited to approximately 10 emails per month per subscriber. 

How to save money on Klaviyo

If you’re set on using Klaviyo, there’s only one way to save money: slow your list’s growth or reduce its size. 

Since Klaviyo’s pricing is entirely based on how many subscribers you have, you’ll need to make sure your subscriber count doesn’t exceed certain limits if you want to save some cash. 

Klaviyo alternatives to consider

Whenever you’re making a major investment in your business, you need to be sure you’ve covered all your bases. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a table comparing the pricing of some alternatives to Klaviyo. 

Tool Plans Available Monthly Price 
  1. Free plan
  2. Paid plan
  1. $0
  2. $20-$1,700+
  1. Free
  2. Essentials
  3. Standard
  4. Premium
  1. $0
  2. $9.99-$259.00
  3. $14.99-$499.00
  4. $299-$1,099.00 or custom pricing for larger lists
  1. Basic
  2. Pro
  3. Premium
  1. $20, or $17/mo billed annually
  2. $50, or $42/mo billed annually
  3. $500, or $425/mo billed annually
Sendgrid (Marketing Campaigns Plans)
  1. Free
  2. Basic
  3. Advanced
  1. $0
  2. $15-$200
  3. $60-$900 or custom pricing for larger lists

How Klaviyo compares to Ampjar

There’s no doubt that Klaviyo makes a great (albeit expensive) product. But allow us a moment to tell you what we think makes Ampjar unique, and why we’re so proud of the product we’ve created:

  • Pricing: if you’ve got a large list, Ampjar provides similar features but at a price tag up to 400x less than Klaviyo’s.
  • Fast email creation: Ampjar helps you create emails by pulling images from your Instagram account and using our algorithm to tastefully design an email that fits your brand identity. That means you can create stunning emails in just seconds, much faster than with tools like Klaviyo. When making emails becomes faster and less painful, you’ll be more motivated to send them out and actually use the tool you’re paying (less) for.
  • Customer Service: Klaviyo has a huge user base, which means it’s easy to fall through the cracks. We’re a small company, and we care deeply about seeing our users succeed. That’s why we’re always happy to get on the phone with you and answer any questions you might have about how to use our platform — or even email marketing in general. 
  • Monetize your list: Ampjar users can use Amplify to automatically sell advertising space in their emails. Or, you can collaborate with other similar businesses and run ads in their campaigns to expand your reach.

At the end of the day, the email platform that’s right for you will depend on your business’s unique needs. 

Klaviyo is a great product, but it’s tough on the wallet and won’t give you the same ease of email creation, personalized customer service, tight-knit community, and extra revenue-generating tools that you’ll get with Ampjar. 

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Try it out for free, no signup required.  

And if you want to learn more about how Ampjar can help your business grow while saving you some big bucks, don’t hesitate to book a free call with one of our email marketing experts to talk it over. We’re always happy to chat!


Is Klaviyo free?

Users with 250 or fewer subscribers can use Klaviyo for free. The free plan allows users to send 500 emails per month with access to all features.

What is the cheapest email service?

There are many different email services that offer a free plan. As far as paid plans go, Ampjar is one of the most cost-effective services with plans starting at just $17/month. 

How many customers does Klaviyo have?

As of 2017, Klaviyo had over 5,500 users, close to double the amount of customers they had the year before. 

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