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Life in a World Where Shopify and Mailchimp Aren’t Friends

Shopify Mailchimp Breakup Ampjar Solution

Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

6 May, 2019

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If you’re a customer of Mailchimp or Shopify then there’s a good chance you’ve heard the news.

For those of you who haven’t heard, on March 22nd, Mailchimp announced that their app would no longer be in the Shopify store. They said their decision was based on privacy concerns and a poor user experience inside Shopify.

Predictably, Shopify responded with their own view of things. Long story short, without some tricky workarounds, Shopify customers could no longer use Mailchimp as automatically updated contact databasing and emailing platform.

The app is already no longer available for new users and will be killed off on May 12th.

Many of our customers use Shopify and many have previously relied on Mailchimp to store their customers then sync them into Ampjar.

With these new changes, we want to ensure that your experience is as good as before.

Your next steps

There might be some slight adjustments you have to make, but don’t fret! Here are your options:

  1. Getting your customers from Shopify into Ampjar directly is easy. We created this video to show you how.
  2. If you don’t want to do this on your own, we now have customer support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, delivered by the incredible Kia and Aleana, and the less incredible me! We will jump in and sync your data for you. Average time for us to do it is less than 90 seconds, we’re good!
  3. Our own Ampjar Shopify app is coming very soon. It will be exactly what you want. Simple, fast and very very effective.

We seriously want to help you with this, so let us know if you’re in this boat and we can work out if you’re going to do 1 or 2 (DIY or done by us) before 3 (our app) is ready for you.

P.S. It actually works out that we’re available more than 24/5! The only hours we’re not going to be immediately ready for you are some of Saturday, or some of Sunday depending on where in the world you are.

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