6 Linktree Alternatives for Your Instagram Bio Links

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1 Aug, 2019

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As anyone trying to market their business on Instagram will know, one of the most frustrating things about the platform is that it only allows you to place a single link in your bio. 

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Obviously, this isn’t ideal if you’re trying to promote several different things at once, so what now? Are you just going to give up and accept those limitations? 

Of course not! Being the savvy marketer that you are, you’re going to look for a workaround – and that’s where ‘link-in-profile’ tools like Linktree come in. 

But maybe Linktree doesn’t have all the features you’re looking for. In that case, fear not, for we’ve put together this guide to the best Linktree alternatives for Instagram. Let’s get started!

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Benefits of using a link-in-profile tool

Before we dive into the list of Linktree alternatives, let’s talk about why you should be using one in the first place. 

Link-in-profile tools are an essential Instagram marketing tool for any brand or influencer and offer some serious benefits:

  • Cross-platform promotion you can use the tool to cross-promote by linking out to your other social pages.
  • Increased CTR (click-through rate) giving your Instagram audience more click choices increases the likelihood that they’ll actually click through, thus boosting your CTR, one of the most important Instagram metrics.
  • More targeted having more links to choose from means you can carry out more targeted Instagram campaigns with different links targeted at different buyer personas.
  • More affiliate salesyou can choose to add one (or several) affiliate links to your custom landing page as well as your personal/branded links.
  • Better branding you can insert brand images on your landing page for better branding and visual identity.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is the oldest and most popular link-in-bio tool on the market. At its core, it’s simply a tool that allows you to create a free landing page and generates a link to this landing page that you can place in your Instagram profile.

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In doing so, you bypass the one-link limit on Instagram by directing your audience to a landing page filled with multiple links. It’s a neat, elegant solution to an annoying problem.

What’s great about Linktree is that it allows you to brand your multi-link landing page with your Instagram profile and name at the top. It’s also really intuitive, easy to set up and even includes some very basic statistics. 

But it isn’t perfect.

When Linktree hit the market back in 2016, it was a roaring success. Since then, a bunch of similar tools have sprung up hoping to get a share of the action. Many of them have sought to improve upon Linktree by offering extra features that Linktree lacks, like the ability to add images to your links.

We’ll be reviewing 5 of these Linktree alternatives in this article.

Pros & Cons of Linktree 

Pros Cons
Clean, professional display Limited customization options (can’t add background images)
Easy setup Social links only available for Pro users
Branded with your Instagram page Linktree branding on the landing page
Includes basic statistics Detailed statistics only available for Pro users
Add unlimited links Few themes in free version

Cost of Linktree

  • Linktree – Free
  • Linktree Pro – $6 per month


ContactInBio is arguably the second most popular link-in-profile tool after Linktree. In my opinion, it’s also the best Linktree alternative out there. Both tools are actually very similar in terms of the basic landing page design, but ContactInBio has some extra add-ons that take it to the next level.

The first is the option to add a contact form to the landing page. This is a really nice touch that opens up a communication channel between you and your audience. ContactInBio is the only tool that has this feature. 

The only downside is that the contact form sends messages to your ContactInBio inbox; it won’t send messages to your email, which is a bit of a bummer.

Aside from the contact form, you also get to choose from 8 different ‘blocks’ to insert on the landing page. These blocks include an image carousel, text block, social media buttons (something the free version of Linktree doesn’t have), and video blocks.

Another thing I like about ContactInBio is that it doesn’t stamp its own branding all over your landing page like Linktree does. ContactInBio’s branding is buried at the bottom of the page and is eliminated entirely if you upgrade to a ‘Business’ or ‘Enterprise’ plan. 

One other thing that might be worth mentioning is that ContactInBio generates a pretty lengthy custom URL for you, so it takes up a little more of your precious bio character limit than Linktree does. Still, it’s a small price to pay, right?

Pros & cons of ContactInBio

Pros Cons
Video uploading available on Pro version Can’t edit content blocks easily
Different blocks to choose from Content blocks are very large
Lots of customization options Landing page not well-optimized for desktop
Contact form Contact form won’t send messages to email inbox
Minimal link-in-profile branding Custom URL has a lot of characters

Cost of ContactInBio

  • Basic – Free
  • Business – $7 per month
  • Enterprise – $28 per month

Paying to upgrade gives you access to more advanced features and analytics. You can see a breakdown of the features included in each plan at the bottom of this page.


Campsite is another one of my favorite tools similar to Linktree. As you can see from the image, the landing page once again looks pretty familiar, but with a few more bells and whistles. The main difference is that the links here have images too.

This is a useful feature if visuals are important to you. It’s worth mentioning, though, that you can only use pictures from your Instagram feed on the free version of Campsite, which is problematic if you want to link out to something not in your posts.

Customization options are also a lot more extensive on Campsite. You can change social icons, colors, and even the fonts on your landing page. If branding is important to you, this is a big plus.

Like with Linktree, the landing page includes a space for your Instagram profile picture and name. You can also add your own short introduction underneath.

Also, if you upgrade to the Pro version of Campsite, you can integrate your landing page with MailChimp to help get your Instagram followers to sign up to your mailing list.

Pros & cons of Campsite

Pros Cons
Natural-looking social icon links You can only add images from your Instagram feed (free plan)
Re-arranging and editing links is easy No option to add videos
Font customization possible Can’t add background images (free plan)
Images on links
Includes space for page introduction
Link scheduling function (Pro version only)

Cost of Campsite

  • Campsite – Free
  • Campsite Pro – $7 per month

Upgrading to Pro unlocks a few more customization options and gives you access to things like Facebook Pixel retargeting, extended analytics, MailChimp integration, a custom domain, plus a few other goodies. 

Link in Profile

Link-in Profile is a little different than the other tools we’ve looked at so far. Rather than creating a custom multi-link landing page for you, it creates a kind of mirrored version of your Instagram feed, but with clickable images.

The reason it’s one of my favorites is that it takes all the hassle out of the setup process. With Link in Profile, you don’t need to constantly edit your landing page to add new links. As such, it’s perfect for influencers that tend to do a lot of sponsored posts and are constantly working on new campaigns with new affiliate links.

Once you’ve set it up, just include a link in the caption of your future Instagram posts and Link in Profile will automatically pull the image onto your custom page and make it clickable. When your audience clicks the image, it will direct them to the link you put in the caption on Instagram. 

If this sounds confusing, it’s actually really intuitive and easy to set up – we promise!

Pros & cons of Link in Profile

Pros Cons
Automatically updates with new links whenever you post to Instagram Doesn’t provide a landing page like other Linktree alternatives
More visual than other Linktree alternatives Little to no customization options
Perfect for accounts with dozens of links No free version 

(but free trial available)

Includes your Instagram branding in the top left More expensive than other sites like Linktree
Well-optimized for both mobile and desktop

Cost of link-in-profile

Personal Plan – $9.99 per month (or $99 per year) with a 30-day trial available.


Swipop is a link-in-profile tool and a very basic eCommerce store rolled into one. Like most other Linktree alternatives, it allows you to create a landing page filled with your own custom links. 

However, the main benefit of Swipop is that it also integrates with Stripe to allow you to sell your premium content directly from the same page. This makes it a great option for influencers looking for new ways to monetize their accounts. You can sell things like access to VIP photos, early access YouTube videos, or PDF guides from your Swipop page.

It’s also a bit light on settings – there doesn’t seem to be an option to add images to links, and there are only a few set color themes making it really bare-bones when it comes to customization. 

One feature worth mentioning is that you can click the ‘eye’ button on top of the links to quickly make different links visible or invisible, meaning you can set up dozens of links in advance and activate them as needed.

Pros & cons of Swipop

Pros Cons
Professional, minimalist design Can’t add images
Easy to set up Very limited branding and customization options
Sell premium content No analytics

Cost of Swipop

Swipop is completely free to use.


TapBio is probably the most ‘stylish’ of all the link-in-bio tools I’ve used. It’s completely different than all of the other Linktree alternatives on the market. 

It uses a really cool ‘card-based’ system that looks confusing at first but is actually pretty intuitive. You don’t just create one landing page, you create several ‘cards’; each of which hosts a different set of links. 

For example, one card can pull all Instagram posts that have a link in the caption and turn them into clickable posts, kind of like Link in Profile which we talked about earlier.

Another card pulls videos from your YouTube channel and creates a linked teaser for each of them. It’s well-optimized for mobile and your visitors can just swipe left to switch between cards. 

It can make your landing page stand out from the crowd, but there’s so much going on that you could also confuse your audience.

Pros & cons of TapBio

Pros Cons
Pulls data for cards automatically from linked Instagram and YouTube accounts Can be confusing for your audience
Quirky & interesting design Difficult to set up
Custom background image on each card Reordering cards is difficult
Very short custom URL ‘Friends of TapBio’ (TapBio’s own branding) card compulsory on free accounts
Lots of  customization options

Cost of TapBio

  • Basic plan – free
  • Silver plan – $5 per month
  • Gold plan – $12 per month

The free plan only includes the profile card plus one additional card. Upgrading to a paid plan gives you access to additional cards.


Last up we have Shorby. Shorby has been around for a while and is best known for its retargeting feature which allows you to create shortened, trackable, links and retarget any user that clicks these links.

Like Linktree, it also allows you to create your own landing page filled with links and generates a link to that page to help you to make the most out of your Instagram bio.

The landing page itself has a colored background and is branded with your Instagram name at the top, but doesn’t include space for a description. You can add social icons that link to your other platforms as well as any other links you want to feature. 

Pros & cons of Shorby

Pros Cons
Unlimited links Can’t add images
Link tracking & retargeting Limited customization options
Professional, minimalist design No free version available
Social icons No analytics on ‘Start’ plan

Cost of Shorby

  • Start plan – $9 per month
  • Pro plan – $29 per month
  • Agency plan – $99 per month

As you can see, Shorby isn’t exactly cheap. It’s the most expensive Linktree alternative on this list, and I’m not totally convinced it’s worth the money. Still, if trackable links and the retargeting features are important to you, it’s something to consider!

One final alternative to Linktree

Before we finish up, I wanted to leave you with one final option. If none of these sites like Linktree seem to be a good fit for your brand, just create your own!

If you have your own blog or website, set up your own landing page that has all the links you want to promote. Then, include a link to that landing page in your Instagram bio.

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The best thing about doing it yourself is that you get complete control over the finished product. You can create the perfect landing page, customize it however you want, and never have to pay a penny.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck! 

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