Masterclass – Email Shoutouts, the big secret

Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

13 Jul, 2020

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While many new brands who join Ampjar get stuck in to social shout outs and make that the focus of their activity, Ampjar’s first shoutouts happened in email campaigns. There’s a big reason why and a pretty big reason why they work so well.

Email marketing is essential to small business, you own the channel, aren’t reliant on algorithms to reach your customers and should be able to drive some good clicks however big or small your database is. I’m sure you’ve heard before that the return on investment of email marketing is higher than anything else. Campaign Monitor says that you get back $44 for every dollar you spend on email.

Ampjar first started out helping brands to build emails faster and more easily. While our solution was pretty good, the big revelation for us was that small brands have customers who LOVE them! If you’re a big brand then getting your email opened by 15-18% of the people you send it to is a great result. You also dream of getting 3% of your customers to click on your content. Across the first 5 million emails small brands sent through our platform, the average open rate was 42%! The average click rate was 5.2%.

These numbers broke all the rules of email marketing. People care about small brands. Who knew?!

We then started to see a trend. Email was getting even more stagnant for the bigger brands. They were searching for solutions to try to get that 15-18% open rate up to a 20-25% open rate. People weren’t opening their emails because if you just sell sell sell whenever you talk to your customers they stop listening listening listening!

Emails need to be more interesting that just ‘here’s a list of stuff you can buy from our store’

Some smart marketers found that when you put a link to some decent music in your email people like it and open your email to see what music you’re sharing this time.

Then some brands took it and ran with it. They injected conversation and intrigue into emails that hadn’t been there before.

Loving Earth a vegan chocolate company created a feature called ‘WHAT WE’RE JAMMING ON…’ and featured brands, events, books, videos, restaurants and more that would appeal to their kind of customer.



Gossamer send emails out called ‘High Praise’ where they only talk about things that they’re into. Again they pick things that are on-brand and likely to appeal to their customers.

Fast-forward to now

At time of writing there are 465 members of the Ampjar community, all applied and all were let in because they have great products, great stories, great content and customers who love them.

Picking a brand to shout out in your emails is the same as picking a brand to shout out in your Instagram stories.

Review your matched brands, see what content they have that you could shout out and then do it.

If you’re using Ampjar to build your emails, we put it in there for you and if you’re doing your own emails through say Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Constant Contact you can drop the shout out in there with a couple of easy clicks.

The idea is that the shout outs add to your email the same way that Loving Earth and Gossamer make their emails better. By including something interesting that isn’t just you saying ‘buy this, or this or this’, you’re increasing the trust with your customers. You’re saying that you’re a real person who they can connect with around more than just your current range.

So go and pick some content, and don’t be surprised if it has a positive impact on your open rates and click rates over time.

A tip for doing it better

Email shout outs used to be an image with a brand icon, their Insta handle and whatever caption they wanted, all jammed in at the end of your email.

But our members wanted them to be softer and more conversational, so we stripped them right back.

Email shout outs now are much more organic, they’re a picture and a caption and a button with the same styling as your email. All introduced by your own custom intro line.

Check out this example from Good Day Club, shouting out Electric Confetti in their email.


The big tip is take advantage of the ability to customise your intro text. We have default text that says P.S. here’s another brand we think you may love…

…but when you add your own personality to it, it works even better, it feels more organic, your customers will appreciate it more and this is how you can train them to want to open your emails more and more in the future.

The steps of an email shout out:

  1. Pick a brand
  1. Pick a picture to share


  1. Write your own intro
  1. See it magically appear in your Ampjar email, or drop it into your own email
  2. Watch the karma credits roll in!

Have fun and if we can ever help, please just shout out!

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