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An Overview of Our Mid-year Fast Emails Updates

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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

23 Jul, 2019

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We have doubled down on cultivating our ad community so that you can easily advertise or host ads from exciting brands with highly engaged audiences. As the first platform that introduces approved ads in email campaigns, we have focused on perfecting the Amplify experience for the first half of this year.

But… Fast Emails are still a core and essential part of the Ampjar experience, so we compiled all your feedback for one massive mid-year update! Updates include new integrations with ESPs, double opt-in, welcome emails, and instant campaigns. Read on to learn more about the new features and how you can use them!

1. Sending through other ESPs

Each Email Service Provider (ESP) has its unique features. We wanted to expand the email marketing possibilities for our users as some prefer using Ampjar as an email builder, while managing their lists and some other campaigns through another ESP. 

So we made it possible for users to send Ampjar campaigns using other ESPs, starting with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Constant Contact.

All you have to do is go to your Account Settings, click the ‘Sending & Syncing’ tab and connect your ESP. Once you’ve done so, you can switch on the sync with your ESP and select which lists you’d like to sync. The sync works one way, meaning contacts added to Mailchimp or Klaviyo will be synced to Ampjar, but not the other way round.

You can also choose to send emails using your ESP instead of Ampjar, meaning that your stats will be viewable in your chosen ESP.

For those of you who have multiple email lists for different audiences (e.g. wholesale vs retail, customers vs investors), you can sync each list to a different Ampjar team. This way, it’s easy for you to work with other brands in our ad community under the most suitable profile.

We plan to release integrations with more ESPs, and would love it if you drop us a line (or DM) with your requests from which ones should come next!

2. Double opt-in

We’ve implemented a double opt-in process to ensure that your emails keep on getting delivered. Gone are the days when you want as many people on your list however engaged they are. The focus now is on quality and engagement. When someone new signs up to your list, they need to confirm their signup by responding to your double opt-in email. 

This helps you ensure that the emails used to subscribe to your list are actually valid, and that you keep seeing healthy open rates in the future.

If your subscribers do not complete the double opt-in, they will not receive your emails. 

3. Welcome emails 

Whether you’re a business owner or a blogger, welcome emails are an excellent way to add value to your subscriber base, build excitement for your future emails, and to convert new subscribers into website traffic and customers. 

You can now switch on a welcome email for your subscribers here. They will receive this as soon as they’ve opted in to your email list.

We’ve designed the default settings to work perfectly for most Ampjar users, but if you want to make the emails more on-brand, you can easily edit the copy and add in images for an extra oomph. If you run an online store, you can also add in a welcome promo code to draw subscribers back to your site.

4. Instant campaigns

When we created Ampjar, we wanted to keep things simple and worked towards one main use case: regular, easy, one-click campaigns that repurpose your social content. With time, we had users requesting for more use cases, like lining up multiple campaigns at once. After all, batching is a known productivity hack for social media and email marketers.

You can now click ‘Create campaign’ to create a campaign at any time. You could for instance line up a campaign where you send an email a day across an entire week. This doesn’t affect the timing of your regular campaigns.

Ampjar Cheat Sheet

Amp credits: credits that you earn for hosting ads in your emails and can use to pay for your own ads. 10 Amp Credits = US$1.

Amplify: placing a piece of your content in the form of an ad in someone else’s email campaign

Fast Emails: Ampjar’s own way of creating email campaigns that your customers will love. We build campaigns for you using your most popular social content and have an effortless editing process which means these will truly be the fastest emails you ever send.

Wanna learn more about Ampjar? We’re here to help you with all your questions and ensure you make the most out of our platform. 

Save your slot for our weekly webinar here.

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