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Pete Davis

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9 Sep, 2019

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The wait is over. We’re super excited to announce the biggest Ampjar platform update to date! 

Earlier this year we rebranded as Ampjar and relaunched our website. Since then, we’ve been carefully listening to your feedback in our demos, webinars, and on Instagram. 

After hearing your requests and ideas for the last few months, we felt ready to dive into a massive platform update.

The dashboard redesign, new settings hierarchy, and rewards system have been in the making for a while now. Read on to learn about these improvements and how they affect you!

Dashboard redesign: Timelines

You’re probably used to our previous dashboard, which shows you your upcoming Fast Emails campaigns and lets you create new email campaigns. 

Our new dashboard has three different timeline views, so you can seamlessly view campaigns that are completed or pending your approval. The main timeline combines both the Fast Emails and Amplify campaigns into one simple, chronological interface. You can also view timelines for Fast Emails and Amplify separately so you know which email campaigns or ad campaigns you have to update.

After we introduced instant campaigns in our mid-year Fast Emails updates, we knew you needed a better way to manage multiple email campaigns. The new timeline is not only intuitive, but also ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities to host ads in your campaigns and get paid! 💰

As most of you start to use Amplify to advertise or host ads, we recognize it can get a little tricky managing your ad scheduling. We knew an ad-specific timeline was essential so you have an overview of all your past and upcoming ad activities. We hope this will be a nice timesaver!

The dashboard update gives a perfect single page view of everything you would ever need to know for your marketing activities on Ampjar.  

Easy-to-use/Simplified settings

We know how important it is for you to personalize your Ampjar settings. As we have added new features over time, we want to make it easy for you to know where you can jump in and configure defaults for your account.

Apart from managing your campaigns, the Fast Emails submenu on the side bar includes ‘Subscribers’–a simplified page where you can add or remove users, and monitor your subscriber base. 

Also, it’s now super-easy to access the pages for configuring your sign up link, welcome email, and default settings-all of which you only need to set up once.

The updated Amplify settings are much neater as well. Incoming requests and applications pending are split up so you never miss out on a request again. The new ‘Ad Settings’ page allows you to configure your Host Profile (including Brand Bio) and switch on/off Auto created ads (the ads that we make for you from the best performing content in your email campaigns). 

For your Instagram connection, user management, and integrations, all you have to do is hop over to your ‘Account Settings’.

Effortless rewards 

Tell all your best business friends–we’ve made it more rewarding to use Ampjar. New users to our platform get rewarded up to 50 Amp credits (US$5) just to finish setting up your account.

Amp Credits are an important part of the Ampjar universe, and we wanted to ensure new users learn how to use it well.

There are endless advertising possibilities with the reward Amp Credits. You can start advertising during your free trial, without adding your billing details or having to fork out any up-front investment. 

See the magic of advertising in our ad community from day one!

So.. what do you think of our new updates? DM us with your thoughts and feedback any time. We’re all ears, and always are keen to improve your experience!

Ampjar Cheat Sheet

Amp credits: credits that you earn for hosting ads in your emails and can use to pay for your own ads. 10 Amp Credits = US$1.

Amplify: placing a piece of your content in the form of an ad in someone else’s email campaign

Fast Emails: Ampjar’s own way of creating email campaigns that your customers will love. We build campaigns for you using your most popular social content and have an effortless editing process which means these will truly be the fastest emails you ever send.

Wanna learn more about Ampjar? We’re here to help you with all your questions and ensure you make the most out of our platform. 

Book a demo here!

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