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Pete Davis

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23 Jul, 2019

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Technically, you only get one link in your Instagram Bio. So you had better use it wisely.

Unlike other platforms where you can have several ad campaigns running on Facebook, or tweets a few times an hour – Instagram forces you to give one action – one link – to your Instagram audience.

But there’s a lot more we can do with that link than you might think. Read on to find out how to best optimize your traffic to your website, tools you should (and shouldn’t use) and what we’re doing to maximize Instagram audience traffic to our website from Instagram.

Why should you optimize your Instagram bio link?

When you only get one chance to convert and connect with your Instagram fans, followers and audience – the link you include in your Instagram bio carries a lot of importance.

However, if you do hold a Business account, you can also include other ‘links’ – they actually appear as books for “Call,” “Email,” and “Directions” and more. With those options, users can call you, send you an email, or receive directions to your location — with just one click.

Yes, they’re technically links. But, they’re not things that you can easily swap out for a different page altogether. Your bio link is the only one that’s truly customizable.

With that being said – what your link in your bio should direct people to — it all goes back to your Instagram strategy. A good question to ask yourself at this point in time is “When I began with Instagram, what was my main goal?” Every business will be different, it could be conversions (leads or sales), it could be community-building – whatever it is – keep this in mind when building your landing page.

In saying that, it’s important to remember that Instagram is just one single piece of the puzzle — a singular element in your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Instagram will either act as a lead generator for your business (driving traffic to your website), sales driver, and/ or building community building (building customer loyalty and brand advocates).

So, here’s the question: What should that link be? For many brands, the answer is simple: their website homepage – or popular by many brands today, is to use a link bio tool like Sked Link or

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But we’re here today to tell you there is a better option!


Why you shouldn’t use link bio tools such as or your website homepage.

Using your website homepage is OK – but it’s not ideal. Usually, in an Instagram caption, you’re asking your fans to read a blog post, sign up to your email list, buy a specific product or get in contact with you.

Many brands are using link in bio tools that give you a URL that you can use a clickable link in your Instagram profile. Ultimately allowing you to share more than one link in your bio and redirect your followers to any website, landing page or blog post you like.

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However – when it comes to using these tools (eg. , Shorby or Lnk.Bio ) – you’re not entirely in control of your follower journey, their experience or what happens to them when they hit that link.

Let’s unpack a few reasons why you shouldn’t use link in bio tools:


Ideally, the first ‘connection’ to your brand + business should be your website. If someone finds you via social media, after that it still should be your website to promote yourself and provide less clicks to get onto your website (the aim of the game from Instagram) – not the free page which prioritises over your own business.

Plus, when you use, it isn’t your own URL, for example, – this takes away from your branding!

Website tracking:

You cannot track the free version of correctly (it comes up as a referral “” not “social media” in Google analytics. If you do not do anything, your visitors coming through Linktree will be in the Acquisition > Referral > category. These visitors come from Instagram! They should be in Acquisition > Social > Instagram.

Lack of security + SEO : links could be banned and/or marked as spam by Instagram without warning.
Plus, for every time a person clicks the link in your Instagram bio – it is a missed opportunity to visit your own website and boost your own website page ranking. By using, you are giving away this ranking to them instead.

So, what should I do instead? 

There are a couple of options available to you, while still allowing you to have a “multi” link option:

  1. Opt for a paid version of and use the UTM parameters so you can better understand where your website traffic is coming from (more info here).
  2. Or, our favorite, create your own landing page on your website if you have access to your website CMS (back-end).

Creating your own landing page is a much more professional and reliable option for your brand that allows you to track data for your business, track conversions, set up Facebook Pixels for each link and retarget people who click and more.

Here are some more reasons why creating your own landing page is so much better:

Improved branding: You can quickly see below from our Ampjar example – just how much better the landing page is for our own website – with our preferred fonts, brand colors and unique ‘vanity’ URL too!

Lead gathering: By creating your own landing page, you can gather leads straight away by inserting your email subscribe capture form. We’ve opted to add a link to sign up for our newsletter, instead opting to gather leads via a Demo / 14 Day Free Trial instead.

Improved Reporting: Clear Google Analytics reporting that clearly identifies traffic through your website from Instagram.

It’s free: Creating your own landing page on your own website is free, compared to $72/year for pro

How to create your own landing page using your website CMS system

Before you start building your own landing page, you’ve got to figure out your goals for Instagram (go back to your marketing strategy). Our quick tip – write down six key things you want your loyal fans, followers, and customers to do when they click that link in your Instagram bio.

Once you’ve done that it’s time to build!

Step 1

Create a new page on your website CMA called “Learn-More”, “Instagram” or whatever you like! It’s important to remember that the URL for this page is what you will be using in your Instagram bio, so it’s important that it’s something relevant and short.

Opt for something short like “Hi-there” or “Hello”, or “Insta” to make it enticing. It’s also important to make sure this page isn’t linked anywhere on your site or in your menu navigation (In Squarespace, add it to the “not linked” section) as you only want people to come to this page from the link in your Instagram bio.

Step 2

On your new blank page, it’s entirely up to you what you choose to put on the page. You can keep it super simple with buttons, add some intro text, an email sign up form – whatever you like. 

Tip: While you’re building this page remember to preview it in Mobile view so you can see what it will look like on mobile since that’s where everyone will be viewing it. 

Step 3

Update the link in your bio to your new URL! Done!

How Ampjar created our own landing page

Using the steps above our team discussed what options we had, and what our objectives were from our current fans, followers, and brands who use Ampjar – and then of course what our objectives were for prospective customers.

We opted to cover off four main “actions” that we wanted to appear before ‘the fold’ (in the section before you have to scroll) – and those were (in order of importance), Free Trial, Learn about Amplify, Visit our blog (we have multiple posts released each week – and drive traffic here via our Instagram feed) and Sign up to our Newsletter. 

Below the fold, we added a secondary call to action which allows users to get a free #fastemails demo, where you can see your content with an example campaign in less than 30 seconds!

This was briefed into our Designer, Jodi, who built the page, styled the content and ensured all the buttons were working. We’re always tweaking our website as we go (remember, they’re organic and never 100% complete) so you’ll be sure to see new tools and resources here in the future. 

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