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Own Your Own Database & Stop Relying on Instagram

It used to be so different. You could post to Facebook or Instagram and anyone who followed you would see your content. We stopped thinking about building our own databases because Facebook and Instagram did it all for us. Then Facebook (who own

Pete Davis

new ampjar featured image Product and Company Updates

Meet the New Ampjar

The original post mentioned our previous brand name, Postie. Original screenshots were retained for this post. We’ve built a whole new version of Ampjar that provides a better user interface, is more reliable and improves our already-impressive spam-filter-beating. While we also wanted to

Pete Davis

Peter Davis Ampjar Product and Company Updates

Getting to Know Us

Hi, I’m Pete, and I lead the team behind Ampjar. When we have something genuinely valuable to share, it’ll be me sending it to you, so I thought I’d introduce myself! As a quick bit of background–I headed up a social media marketing

Pete Davis

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