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Introducing Our New Product: Ampjar Amplify

Last week, we announced a new product that sits inside your Ampjar account. We think this is a game-changer for brands. Over the year and a bit that we’ve been running Ampjar, we’ve sent thousands of emails to millions of customers. We’ve spoken

Peter Davis

sonia from scribe + social Improvement

6 Storytelling Tips with Sonia from Scribe + Social

When it comes to creating content, the fear of a blank page or blinking cursor can strike fear into the heart of many a small business owner. I should know. I’m one myself. I’m also a social media coach to small business owners.

Guest Author

working with instagram influencers Marketing

Working with Insta Influencers: A Checklist

Influencers. That one little word that seems to divide the marketing world… Do they work? Are they for real? Will I see any uplift from engaging influencers? In my experience? Yes, yes, and yes, but it depends on who you work with and

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The Perfect Email Sign-Up Form

Just give it to me now now Capturing customers email addresses is always a good idea! Doing so can be a great value-add from markets and events, and should be a permanent fixture if you’re running a retail store. A5 or half-letter size

Peter Davis