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10 best instagram edit apps Marketing

Top 10 Instagram Edit Apps for Posts and Stories in 2019

Yes, we hear your pain. Keeping track of the latest and most effective editing apps for Instagram posts and stories can be tiring. On the Apple app store alone, there are thousands of Instagram edit apps. Polished and professional-looking Instagram posts and stories

Roslyn Teng

social media productivity Marketing

How to Improve Your Social Media Productivity

Social media can be a time suck, we know! If you’ve ever gone to post an image to your Instagram feed, or Facebook Page – there is no doubt you’ll end up scrolling mindlessly for hours before you realize what you were there

Ali Wheeler


The Top 9 Instagram Metrics and KPIs to Track

Feeling overwhelmed by Instagram metrics and how to make it work for your business? Still trying to figure out which Instagram KPIs do you need to track? You know what you want—an engaged and growing audience, but you’re not alone if you don’t

Quincy Smith

Instagram shopping and checkout News and Trends

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Shop and Checkout

It’s clear. Instagram is quickly transitioning into a comprehensive social shopping app, covering the journey from product discovery, nurturing, ads, and to checkout. The platform has been going through radical changes in the recent year. Three of the biggest changes have been: The

Roslyn Teng

Ampjar New Features Product and Company Updates

Introducing Ampjar: Our New Features

We hope you’re liking our new look and feel around here at Ampjar. While looking pretty (if we do say so ourselves!) is one thing, we’re also about evolution and improvement of our services, to make sure we support you and your business

Pete Davis

Lush bath quit social media News and Trends

Why Lush Quit Social Media

Just a week ago, Lush posted this: We’re switching up social. Increasingly, social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to

Roslyn Teng

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