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5 Steps to Become Your Wholesale Clients’ Favorite Brand

Our Ampjar customers tell us a lot about their successes and their problems. A common thread is that relationships with wholesale clients can be tough. Wholesale clients can be expensive to acquire, but bring great big orders. They often impose crazy timelines, but they

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Ampjar Is Hiring and It’s a Cracking Role!

Excitedly we just made an appointment for this role. We always love hearing from interesting and ambitious people though, and if you want to work with us, please reach out and say hi. As we may have mentioned here and there, we absolutely

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Own Your Own Database & Stop Relying on Instagram

It used to be so different. You could post to Facebook or Instagram and anyone who followed you would see your content. We stopped thinking about building our own databases because Facebook and Instagram did it all for us. Then Facebook (who own

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Get Your Instagram Followers to Sign up to Get Your Emails

Want to start making sales from all the followers who you don’t know? Get into their inbox to really cut through. So how to get their email addresses? Here are 3 simple steps to get your Instagram followers to sign up: Head to >

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