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Get Your Instagram Followers to Sign up to Get Your Emails

Want to start making sales from all the followers who you don’t know? Get into their inbox to really cut through. So how to get their email addresses? Here are 3 simple steps to get your Instagram followers to sign up: Head to https://hq.ampjar.com/emails/dash/subscribers/signup-page >

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Meet the New Ampjar

The original post mentioned our previous brand name, Postie. Original screenshots were retained for this post. We’ve built a whole new version of Ampjar that provides a better user interface, is more reliable and improves our already-impressive spam-filter-beating. While we also wanted to

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Getting to Know Us

Hi, I’m Pete, and I lead the team behind Ampjar. When we have something genuinely valuable to share, it’ll be me sending it to you, so I thought I’d introduce myself! As a quick bit of background–I headed up a social media marketing

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How to Write Great Subject Lines for Your Emails

Subject lines are the front cover of your email, the difference between a good one and a bad one can be huge. 35% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone. That’s why it’s so important

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When Should I Send My Emails?

The very first question we often get asked by new users is “When’s the best time to send my email?” With Ampjar you set a regular send time so it’s great to have confidence that you’re picking right. There’s a lot of conflicting

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The Perfect Email Campaign

Great email campaigns drive brand affection, engagement, and traffic. Luckily for you, Ampjar does the hard work for you and Ampjar campaigns get higher open rates and more clicks. They’re the kind of emails that customers want to receive and they convert (just

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