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How to Write Great Subject Lines for Your Emails

Subject lines are the front cover of your email, the difference between a good one and a bad one can be huge. 35% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone. That’s why it’s so important

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the best time to send an email campaign Marketing

When Should I Send My Emails?

The very first question we often get asked by new users is “When’s the best time to send my email?” With Ampjar you set a regular send time so it’s great to have confidence that you’re picking right. There’s a lot of conflicting

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example the perfect email campaign Marketing

The Perfect Email Campaign

Great email campaigns drive brand affection, engagement, and traffic. Luckily for you, Ampjar does the hard work for you and Ampjar campaigns get higher open rates and more clicks. They’re the kind of emails that customers want to receive and they convert (just

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woman at laptop planning email marketing strategy Marketing

Create Your Email Marketing Strategy in 6 Minutes

You’ve nailed how to send the perfect email campaign, now we want to help you consider the context of your email marketing strategy. Bare with us, this is good stuff! And in true Ampjar style won’t take long 😉 With your Instagram content, you

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Get Your Customers to Give You Their Email Addresses

Now’s the perfect time to build your email database. Whether you’re regularly sending campaigns to tens of thousands of people, are just starting to build a list so you feel ready to start, or sit somewhere in between, the fundamentals are the same:

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just ray baby email campaign Case Studies

Solo Founder Sends 500% More Emails With Ampjar

“I used Mailchimp (just not very often) before you came into my life!” Alana is the genius and blood, sweat and tears, and mother of three young kids, behind Just Ray Baby. They are a growing brand selling ‘Softsole & hardsole kicks for cool

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