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The Perfect Email Sign-Up Form

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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

15 Aug, 2018

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Just give it to me now now

Capturing customers email addresses is always a good idea! Doing so can be a great value-add from markets and events, and should be a permanent fixture if you’re running a retail store.

A5 or half-letter size on a small clipboard seems to be the way to go. The design can be anything from a blank piece of paper with a heading to a grid with some more instructions.

Transcribing these forms is something else, and you’ve not lived if you haven’t tried to transcribe a page of handwritten email addresses!

So we created the Perfect Email Sign-Up Form

perfect signup screenshot

Easy to fill out and easy to transcribe.

We’ll even use magic at our end to transcribe your filled out pages for you.

Download the Perfect Email Sign-Up Form HERE

Let us know if you have any feedback, or want us to have a crack at something else that could help you out.

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Product and Company Updates

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