Email Is Broken and Small Brands Are Winning by Tearing up the Rule Book!

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Pete Davis

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22 Jan, 2019

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The five P’s of marketing is the old school rule book for making sales;

What Product?
marketed where? (Place)
at what Price?
with what message? (Promotion)
to who? (People)

Brands would put up billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, and now digital ads to get in front of lots of people who could buy a product.

Then social changed everything… but not really all that much.

Brands advertised to build audiences on social channels, they keep people engaged through nice content on social and they built customer databases and used email to convert the sale.

Think of it like a funnel;
Wide at the top – people who know about your brand,
Narrower in the middle – people who engage with your brand
Narrowest at the bottom – people who buy from your brand.

email is broken

The email database became the channel where all the best customers live. Because they were the most likely to buy, they got sent sales emails to get them to buy more (can you think of a few brands that see you that way?!).

…and email is very good at sales. (1 2)

So what does this mean to you?

Small brands are better at using content to build relationships than anyone else. Small brands get called personality-led brands for that very reason.

Whether you believe it or not, the content you share is loved by your customers.

When they buy from you, they do so because they want to back you and stay connected to you as much as wanting to own whatever you’re selling.

The problem is that you used to rely on social to engage your customers. But social channels don’t let you reach your customers as much any more, so you need a new way to look after your best customers.

We’ve discovered a trend that you want to be a part of.

Some of the best small brands are winning by thinking of email differently;

  1. Your best customers are on your email database
  2. They’re not seeing your best social content
  3. You need to keep in touch with them in positive ways
  4. Use email not just to sell, but to build relationships

Try sending emails that better reflect what you’ve built your business on; your personality and great content.

Stop thinking email has to be regimented and structured.

If you send emails less than weekly, then you have room to play with.

From our own research the perfect number of emails to send is just over 3 per month, and if the content is short and not always ‘buy buy buy’, you can send even more.

You’re a guest in your customers’ inboxes. Be present but don’t just ask them to buy all the time. Give them something they’ll love.

Put the social back into your customer relationships.

A fear we’ve heard is that people might unsubscribe. They may be more likely to unsubscribe if you send them sales emails every week, but won’t unsubscribe if you send them personality-led emails mixed in.

We’ve seen it play out and it is a gamechanger.

Try sending an email that has a happy story in it, a family pic, a nice update. Had a piece of content that went really well on Instagram? That is a perfect email.

Want to lead with one piece of content like that an then include some products? Check out our Exhibition, Fitzroy and Spencer templates.

We want to help you get this right, so ask us questions. What can we help you with? Need a little more reassurance? We’ve seen so many brands get this right already and are reaping the rewards.

When you truly engage your customers, you make more sales without even trying.

Down with the monthly sales newsletter, up with putting social and relationships back into your customer relationships!

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