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24 Sep, 2017

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“I used Mailchimp (just not very often) before you came into my life!”

Alana is the genius and blood, sweat and tears, and mother of three young kids, behind Just Ray Baby. They are a growing brand selling ‘Softsole & hardsole kicks for cool kids’. They’ve got a killer Instagram page, a BigCartel website and they can often be seen attending the big markets in Melbourne.

In the 8 months before using Ampjar, Alana had built and sent 3 email campaigns to her modest but growing database. Open rates were ok; when sending campaigns to >500 people you should expect pretty good open rates because your customers are closer to you.

In the 6 months since starting on Ampjar, Alana has sent 14.

just ray baby email campaign

Ampjar helps Just Ray Baby send more great campaigns, and we do it in 4 ways:

Building campaigns in Ampjar is faster and easier – For Alana, “Campaigns are really easy to build and I spend around 20 minutes editing them before they go out”.

Open Rates
Just Ray Baby’s Ampjar campaigns get better open rates–32% with Mailchimp up to 53.69% with Ampjar.

Ampjar campaigns get more clicks–across the 5 million emails that we’ve sent over the past 6 months across all brands, our average open rate is 6%, up from 3.2% as brands were getting before Ampjar.

We pride ourselves in how the customer sees your Ampjar campaigns, and how they see you for sending them.

Two of the three emails Just Ray Baby had sent through Mailchimp were sale announcements; 25% off and 30% off.

The challenge is in balancing how many sales messages are sent, while not looking to devalue the brand, but also giving a good enough percentage off, while still not devaluing the brand!

For Alana, the thought was “If we’re going to spend the time building a campaign then let’s do something that generates sales now”.

Customers can learn to anticipate that your emails are always asking them to spend, and they might avoid them.

Ampjar emails flip this on their head for Just Ray Baby. The soft approach of featuring great content in a ‘here’s what we’ve been up to’ way means that customers like opening the emails (hence their 57.59% open rate), and because they feature great content validated by Just Ray Baby’s Instagram audience, the emails drive clicks and sales.

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