The Best Email Marketing Platforms for Hair and Beauty Salons

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Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

27 Feb, 2018

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Email marketing and hair and beauty salons have, until now, never really mixed.

Who has the time to sit down / work out what you’re going to send, write it, find the images, build it, and then send it out?

Plus, what can salons say in emails? Giving percentage off to your best customers is just giving money away and how often do you really have news that they’re going to find exciting?

Then there’s Instagram. With Instagram, you can really quickly and really easily show off your best creations, and drop some news in here and there. The problem? Instagram shows any given post to about 20% of your followers. You can pay to get it shown to more, but the costs really add up.

As a salon, you need to;

  1. Keep in touch with your customers
  2. Upgrade your current customers to colors and other treatments
  3. Inspire lapsed customers to rebook with you
  4. Do all of the above in a way that’s cheap and can be done in a gap between appointments.

So what are your options?

Using your salon software

Most salon software comes with email marketing options, with the added bonus of SMS sending.

You can send tailored messages based on things like who has lapsed as a customer and when someone’s birthday is coming up.

You can also write, design, build and send emails from scratch with their campaign-builders and your database is right there and doesn’t need to be exported to a different platform.

Pricing varies greatly by software and is typically costed per-email and per-SMS.

MailChimp or Campaign Monitor

These two are the big global platforms. Anyone marketing through email has more than likely considered these two.

Both give you a blank piece of paper and ways to build amazing campaigns.

You can do anything you want, you just need to have an eye for design and time to get started and build your campaigns from scratch.

Mailchimp’s basic offering is free up to 2,000 people on your database.
Campaign Monitor’s pricing is complex; for a typical salon, it may cost around $39/month.


Ampjar automatically builds emails for you using your most popular Instagram content.

Because the content you’re sharing on Instagram is often shots of the best styles that your team have created, the emails become a collection of the highlights of what has come out of your salon.

Ampjar can work well for a few reasons:

  1. Your customers love getting your emails that show them the best styles coming out of your salon.
  2. When the emails inspire your customers, they inspire them to upgrade to colors and other treatments, and for people who don’t have an upcoming booking, they’re inspired to make a booking!
  3. The emails are really easy to create, Ampjar does all the hard work, you can jump in, reorder the images, fix up a caption here and there, and you’re done. The average edit time is less than 10 minutes.

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