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Pete Davis

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24 Sep, 2017

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Great email campaigns drive brand affection, engagement, and traffic.

Luckily for you, Ampjar does the hard work for you and Ampjar campaigns get higher open rates and more clicks. They’re the kind of emails that customers want to receive and they convert (just shout and we’ll show you the stats to prove it!).

So how can you best build your campaign to convert as highly as the very best campaigns?

In this blog post, we show you how you can build an overall email strategy so that you know everything you’re doing is working for the long term and not just driving the immediate clicks.

The short story on strategy is you can’t always be needy! Don’t only send campaigns that push sales and other things your customer should buy from you right now. Mix it up. Give your audience something different and interesting and softer, and build that relationship.

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In this blurred always-connected world, why use email to only hard-sell when you’d never do that on Instagram?

We’ve given you some advice on when you should send your campaign
…and we’ve given you advice on subject lines

Now let’s break your campaign down and tackle how you can build the best ever Postie campaign.


The first thing to remember is that about half of your customers will view your email on mobile.

Postie campaigns look great on mobile. Images are shrunk down or are given a full width of screen view and are stacked in a similar way to the way you browse your Instagram newsfeed. So while images need to look good together, they also need to look good on their own, and sometimes creating a clever insta-collage with images that are next to each other is not always going to work in the mobile view.

Choose your template

Choose a template that works best for you. Whether you want to highlight one big piece of news or present lots of shorter pieces of content, there are plenty of options. You can also choose how many images you have in any template, just delete images and see what looks best.

Review templates through the theme tab at the top of your campaign editor.

choose email template

Color and font customizations

We have made it easy for you to customize your campaign even more, you can select a font, font color, background color and button color that works best for you.
Be careful with this though, we have chosen the default settings carefully, and you can make a campaign look pretty bad with a bad background color and font color choice. Try to stick to the pastels ; )
Review options through the theme tab at the top of your campaign editor.

choose color for email

Intro text

The intro text will always be preceded by the greeting, which is:

Hi [firstname], or
Hi there, (if we don’t have a first name in the subscriber list for that recipient).

Your text will sit immediately after this and is the perfect place to start a conversation with the recipient. You have lots of characters to work with, just watch the counter to tell you where you’re up to.

For your first campaign, introduce what this email is and why they’re getting it.

Use paragraph breaks, bolding, italics, and links to your advantage.

In tune with the rest of the email, you want to make this easy to read and worth reading.

Choosing Images

Your overall approach to choosing imagery would likely be to highlight your best recent content, but there’s often benefit in choosing some older images that are still relevant.

There’s also a reason why you can’t bring in some non-Instagram images such as sharing a post that has not yet been posted on Instagram.

Just hit edit next to an image you want to replace, and ‘Change Image’

customizing email template

Links and Button Copy

Clicking/tapping on the image or button immediately below each image will send your recipient somewhere.

We prebuild your campaign using your default link and button copy. Spend some time considering the best text you could have, and destination you should direct you recipient to in the link.

You don’t always need to use a ‘hard’ call-to-action like SHOP NOW or BOOK NOW. Sometimes, something softer like WOW or WE LOVE THIS or a nice string of emojis works well ☁️🙌🏼☁️


We pull your caption from Instagram. Review it and make sure it fits nicely in the space you have. Watch the character counter and the preview of your campaign to see how it looks as you trim your caption or change or completely.


We pre-build your footer buttons using your default link, reply to an email address and Instagram handle. You can also add your Facebook URL and a button will magically appear in your footer.

We also display some text that we ask you to give us when you set up your account. If you’re based in the US you need to list a physical location. Then consider what else you might want to put in your footer, such as a tagline, opening hours, shop address, etc.

You can update your Facebook URL and footer copy here

We feature some great recent campaigns on our home page. Let us know if there’s something you see that you think is incredible or if you want us to feature your campaign.

As ever, hit us up with any questions, the Ampjar Team

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