When Should I Send My Emails?

the best time to send an email campaign

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Pete Davis

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24 Sep, 2017

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The very first question we often get asked by new users is “When’s the best time to send my email?”

With Ampjar you set a regular send time so it’s great to have confidence that you’re picking right.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so we’ve worked through the good and the bad, and overlaid our own insights to give you…

The Ultimate Guide to When I Should Send My Emails Campaigns

The first thing is that when you should send your email is going to depend on two things:

  1. Who your audience is; and,
  2. What you want them to do.

Your number one priority is for your email to hit their phone or computer at a time they can act, second to that is for it to be at least high up in their inbox at a time they can act.

If you’re trying to reach moms of school-aged children then sending anything around 3pm on a weekday is going to mean your email won’t be coming in at a time they can act and it won’t likely be a few hours until they can get to your email.

It would be much better would be to make a judgment call that your customer probably puts their kids to bed around 7:30pm or 8pm – so if you send your email then, there’s a good chance they’ll be jumping onto their phone/ computer in the next hour and will be much more likely to read it then.

Before we get into specific recommendations, you’re not going to get one perfect send time from us, we’re going to prompt you into choosing your own time based on understanding your customer. You know them better than anyone else, and you’ve probably only got this far in business by understanding them well and meeting their needs.

planning email send time

Picking your day of the week

Consideration #1 – What are your black spots?

For instance, if you run a hair salon, and you’re not open on Sundays or Mondays, rule those days out.

If you’re an always-on e-commerce brand, then you’ll have to think a little more about psychology.

Consideration #2 – If you’re promoting something healthy, then earlier in the week is better than later in the week.

If you’re selling alcohol online, a Thursday or Friday could work better for you rather than perhaps a Sunday which may not be as attractive after a heavy weekend!

The best indication of your customers’ psychology is when you typically make the most sales. If Tuesdays are your biggest sales day, then consider send your emails on a Tuesday.

Consideration #3 – What the industry data tells us.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the safest days;

Mondays are busy, Friday is more about moving into the weekend (and the expenses that come with that), and weekends themselves, perhaps barring Sunday nights are typically not the time people are in their inboxes.

In saying all that, if you’re talking about something hobby-related then try a Saturday, there’s a lot less email traffic happening then, and you might find it works for you!

picking a send time for an email campaign

Picking a send time

Consideration #1 – What day are you sending?

Send time is directly linked to day, pick your day first, then your time.

Your audience is likely to be doing something very different at 10am on a Monday and 10am on a Saturday.

Consideration #2 – What is your recipient doing?

If they work full time, then think about hitting them just before lunch or when they’re commuting home.

If they’re looking after children full time then their day is going to be very different, and you may want to map your send time around the typical day of a 2-year-old!

Consideration #3 – What are you doing?

Similarly to send days, if you’re prompting people to drop into your store or call you to make a booking, then make sure you’re open for at least a few hours after your email goes out.

If you’re open 10am – 5pm try sending your emails at 9:55am.


We thought we wouldn’t want to lay out some ‘top times’, but you probably want us to, so consider how these work in with your own circumstances:

  • 6am Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday (something business or motivational)
  • 10am Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
  • 11:55am Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
  • 5:45pm Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
  • 7:45pm Sunday

In summary, your best send day and time is going to come down to who you are and who your customer is. Find a time when they’re online and most likely to respond to your content. Use your website data to help you out and never be afraid to try something, try something else and compare open rates and click-through rates.

As ever, we’d love to hear from you and are here to answer your questions. Just send us a note.

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