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Pete Davis

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3 Apr, 2020

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We made a bet when we first launched Ampjar (under a totally different name) 3 years ago.  We thought that the biggest challenge that hyper-authentic brands faced was learning how to market like the biggest brands in the world. 

We thought that if we built a platform that helped brands build emails intuitively and quickly it would give them the engagement tool they had been missing all along. 

We were wrong.

Yes, a bunch of brands paid us to use our email builder and send millions of emails. The emails worked too, we achieved an average open rate of more than 40% and a click-through rate of over 5%. This was huge and actually became the key insight that fueled what we’ve been working on now.

However, when we spoke to these brands, we found out that engaging their customers was actually something they were already doing well via Instagram. Even as organic reach was falling, these brands’ customers maintained high levels of engagement to help minimize the impact.

Instead, our brands told us that they care more about acquiring new customers than anything else.

It was then that we started testing out the idea of brands shouting each other out through email.  The first attempt worked well but was very manual and dependent on users sending emails through our platform thereby excluding anyone who was already doing email marketing with their own provider.

We knew we were onto something – people kept discovering brands through Ampjar shoutouts and we kept seeing more examples externally where brands would seek out other brands to share with their customers because there was a mutual interest. 

Brands love shouting out other brands, and as we evolved, it became clear that we wanted to be THE platform that enables such shoutouts.

Customers love hearing about other awesome brands 

We believe that brands are the best kind of influencers. If you’ve ever found a brand, watched their stories, taken a risk and then loved the experience, you know. You went through something together, you gave your faith and your money and you were rewarded. Now you trust them more than you’ve ever trusted a brand before because you know them. If they stand up and say ‘now try this’, it carries a lot of weight and you listen.

It was this feeling that we wanted to accomplish with the newest release of Ampjar.

What makes the newest version of Ampjar so awesome

Our newest release of Ampjar is going to focus on 3 main improvements:

  1. We match you with brands on a regular schedule – based on data like industry and customer type. Think of it as brand discovery on autopilot.
  2. In addition to emails, you can now shout out other brands in your social feed as well as on your website.
  3. We automatically create and deliver shout outs for you. Once you’re setup, we share your brand (and help you share others) via the 3 main channels. 

We’ve spent a ton of time redesigning the platform to keep the experience simple, exciting, and easy to set up.

A curated community of strong brands

Our members tell us that discovering who they’ve matched with is exciting. It’s easy because we now manage it all for them. We keep new customers coming their way every single day, meaning they can get results every day, without lifting a finger. 

Our product is only as good as the member brands that are in our community. Fortunately for us, we’ve got an incredible set of brands, some you’ll know, some you won’t. They’re mostly spread across the US and Canada, as well as in Australia where we started.

Apply to join today – we keep the quality pretty high through our application process – and we can’t wait to welcome you in very soon.

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