Work with Ampjar

We’re looking for people who live and breathe the creator economy.

At Ampjar we live for creators who are building something that they love.

We know that for these creators, growing an authentic following is enabling, critical and incredibly challenging.

Ampjar is a platform that exchanges shoutouts to drive discovery between creators and customers.

We’ve grown an incredibly high quality core of members over the past two years.

We’re rapidly expanding across all teams: product, engineering, marketing, and customer success.

Open roles

We’re a fully remote team with the team based across Australia, the US and Singapore with key support teams in Egypt and the Philippines.


Why We Chose to Build a Remote Team

Remote is the new way that has suddenly become acceptable, thanks to some changes in technology and changes in attitude, as well as an acceptance that the benefits might be too hard to pass up.

In this post we break down what happened when we went remote; the benefits and drawbacks that we’ve experienced.

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