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Ampjar gives your best content to high-quality brands who share it with the customers that you want.

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Lifting each other up

We truly believe that we’re #strongertogether and we know that the best way for you to meet your dream new customers is through inspiring and authentic brands like you.

That’s why at Ampjar we base everything around karma. When you shout someone out, you get shouted out in return.

It’s that easy! ✨

Successful brands lift up and are lifted up by brands who share and support each others’ messages.

Now more than ever, customers want inspiration and recommendations from brands that they love and trust.

We’ll build you a far-reaching community of brands who can recommend you and that you’ll want to recommend.

You’ll meet your dream customers on the other side of the country being shared by brands in categories that you never considered. Share and be shared.

Here’s how it works

A curated community of the best brands

You answer some questions to tell us who your customers are, and who your ideal customers are. We then connect you with complementary brands that you’ll loved sharing and being shared by.

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Great content, always

Choose and create the content that you want other brands to share, and browse content that you’d love to share with your customers.  

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Share and be shared

Your content will be shared by other members in three ways: in their Instagram Stories, email newsletters and on their website post-checkout pages… and you do the same for brands that you want to share with your customers.

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What you give is what you get

Earn karma by sharing other members’ content. This karma is then used to reward other brands for shouting you out. If you have a big and highly engaged audience, you’ll earn more karma, if it’s a little smaller or a little less engaged, you’ll earn a little less. It just means that everything is fair and balanced.

How does this translate to traffic to my website?

As an Ampjar Community member you get:

  • Premium Support from real humans (with a love for emojis), any time you need it 🙋‍♀️
  • FREE 30min Call to answer any questions, and ensure we can get you all set up
  • Recommendations of handpicked brands that are ready to share, and be shared by you

How Ampjar works for our members

Community is at our heart, meet some of our members below.


Maria Davis

Little Printables

Read more

Sally O’Neill

Nutritionist & Health & Wellness Blogger
The Fit Foodie

Read more

Kaneena Fanning

Kablooie Store

Read more

Prue Kelly

Hello Hattie

Read more

How do I join?

To keep our community strong, we review each applying brand against three questions before we let them in:

1. Do they have quality products (or services)?

2. Do they have authentic and engaging content?

3. Do they have audiences who love them?

Our curated community continues to grow with high quality, authentic brands, creating more options for you.


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Hear from a few of our members

Alana Just Ray Baby

“What I really like about Ampjar is how quick & easy it is. Creating anything takes no time at all and the ads look so professional! I’m really enjoying it – it’s such an easy way to collaborate with another brand and have your content seen by a wider audience. I would absolutely recommend Ampjar to anyone.”

Alana | Founder – Just Ray Baby

Zana Bobby Stitch

“I love Ampjar because you can connect with like minded businesses. It enables you to extend your reach and connect with businesses with similar target audiences. I love that it also works both ways, you share another businesses’ content and have other businesses share your best content too.”

Zana | Founder – Bobby Stitch

“I’ve found Ampjar to be great, you can make sure the content that is shared ties in perfectly with your brand so it’s subtle but effective in the way it’s delivered. It’s also a really lovely way to ignite a sense of community between brands!”

Melanie | Founder – My Little Kitchen

Bree Heather

“Ampjar has really helped me create my own little community. I have focused so much of my time and effort on social media… now I never hesitate to push the send button.”

Bree Heather |  Swoodi 

“Ampjar is just like working out with a personal trainer – all the planning and thinking has been taken care of for you! Too easy!”

Sonia Bavistock |  Sonia Styling 

Sonia Styling logo

Shall We Social Hero

“Ampjar allows me to quickly re-purpose the content that I’m already creating and has ensured that I’m communicating with new customers ever since. Thanks for making advertising simple.”

Kryshla Salaris |  Shall We Social 

Shall We Social Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can I share and be shared by?

    We have lots of brands that are perfect for you. You might find that your perfect customers come from brands in very different areas. For instance, a great way for a jewellery brand to target women in their 30’s might be through a brand that sells beautiful kids clothes to young mums. We’ve seen it work very well in lots of different ways.

  • What do I get for shouting someone out?

    You earn karma that we then use to reward other brands for shouting you out to their customers. We do the math in the background, how much karma you earn is based on how many people see and click on your shout out. But you don’t need to worry about that. Just watch the karma hit your account in 24 hours for stories shoutouts, 72 hours for email shoutouts and immediately for post-checkout shoutouts. It’s a beautiful ecosystem of brands working together to help each other grow!

  • How many sales will I get?

    We’ve done a lot of work on return on investment, have a read of it right here, and some of our customer stories here.

  • What will my customers think?

    Your customers will love it. The biggest piece of feedback we get from brands that host content is that they love sending more interesting email campaigns and Instagram stories, because their customers love them.

    We’ve even found that over time your emails will get better and better open rates because you’re sharing interesting and diverse content. Even more quickly you should see that your Instagram stories get a little more love from the Instagram algorithm and your reach should go up quite quickly.

    At Ampjar our mission is to build a community where people and brands thrive together through meaningful, joyful and rewarding relationships. We want you and your customers to benefit from this.

  • Will you just place other people's content into my social, emails and website?

    Certainly not. You always choose who you share. Your marketing should always be all about you, your content, and your customers. Share and be shared by whoever works best for you.

  • How much karma will be deducted when I'm shouted out by another brand?

    It all depends on how many people see and click on the shout out.

    We do the math for you, and as with when you shout someone out, more views and clicks = more karma.

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