Who they are: Ginger & Co

What they do: From ginger to turmeric and every herb in between, Ginger & Co. is filling the world with delicious, all-natural superfood lattes made from premium, locally-grown ingredients. Their delectable drinks are at once nutritious and indulgent, tantalizing tastebuds with top-notch teas and coffees that soothe the body and the soul.

Where in the world? Highett, Australia

Ginger & Co. from the Ground Up

Ginger and Co. started with a brother and sister, a cold winter evening, and a hot ginger latte. Visayon and Anna had always enjoyed cooking, eating healthy, and getting drinks at local cafes, but something new stirred in them one night as they drank their ginger lattes. They fell in love with the root’s taste and began experimenting with it, exploring its flavor profile, and adding it to anything and everything they could. 

Their recipes were delicious, and it didn’t take long for them to notice they were on to something. Visayon and Anna started Ginger & Co. to share their love for gingery health drinks with the world. Ginger & Co. has since expanded beyond its ginger roots (pun intended) and now offers a full range of nutritious, mostly vegan, superfood-filled drinks like “Sticky Green Tea Chai” and “Golden Turmeric Tea” direct to consumers and wholesale to cafes online. Their premium ingredients are sourced from local farms and are all-natural, all the time.  

Increasing Efficiency with Ampjar Fast Emails

When it comes to getting the word out about their products, Ginger & Co. is well aware of the power of email marketing. 

“I think people may think that it’s all about social media now, but people still open their emails,” says Visayon. Since Ginger & Co.’s inception, Visayon has been using Ampjar to create beautiful and effective email campaigns. He praises it for its efficiency, simplicity, and the ways in which it can help maintain a consistent brand image across multiple social media platforms. 

“It’s just so efficient,” says Visayon. “It allows me to be consistent…you have a theme on your Instagram, and you want to keep that consistent image. Ampjar allows you to do that.”

Compared to other email software, Visayon is able to create email campaigns quicker and more easily, freeing him up to focus on other areas of the business. He’s pleased with how streamlined email creation with Ampjar is and believes its simplicity helps increase engagement with his base.

Growing Ginger & Co.

Ginger and Co. focuses its growth strategy on email marketing, Google Ads, Google Adwords, and social media. The company recently rebranded and plans to look further into Facebook and paid ads now that its reinvention is complete. Visayon and Anna hope to use their new website as a springboard to launch new social media, paid advertising, and collaboration initiatives.

Ginger & Co. is moving beyond ginger tea and beginning to include more ingredients like broccoli, lavender, mushroom, and ginseng in their drinks. This expansion, in combination with their other rebranding efforts, will likely garner some well-deserved attention. 


Superfood on Social Media

Anna is the de facto social media manager at Ginger & Co. The company’s strategy focuses primarily on Instagram, but they plan to grow their Facebook presence. 

“We have Instagram. We have Facebook. We haven’t done much with Facebook, but we would like to in the future,” says Visayon.

Instagram is a strong point for the brand. Their profile features thousands of pro-quality product photos and posts which fit perfectly into Ampjar’s email templates. The company has been able to curate a unique style that’s consistent across all their media, which helps to grow brand recognition. 

Collaborating with Amplify

Ginger & Co. has experimented with Amplify’s collaborative email marketing capabilities. So far, they’ve hosted several ads and carried out a collaboration with Lululemon. Now that they’ve finished rebranding, they hope to further explore Amplify’s features and use collaborative email marketing more often. 

“It’s something that we want to look into,” said Visayon during the rebrand. “This rebranding process just takes up so much time. It’s kind of like you don’t have any more time to figure out anything else…But it’s something we’ll look into in the future.”

New Brand, New Products, New Eco-focus

Ginger & Co. just finished a major rebrand. Although they started their business with a focus on ginger, they’ve gradually decided to move away from their roots and concentrate on becoming an organic health and superfoods brand. 

“We’re launching a few new products,” said Visayon. “And we’re really proud of creating really unique superfood drinks that are really delicious and people really like.”

Moving forward, Ginger & Co. plans to do away with plastic packaging, shifting to glass bottles due to environmental concerns. 

“Plastic is a big issue now, and we were looking at ways to try to look at our packing and see if we can reduce plastic usage,” said Visayon. “Our new blends all have that in mind. So, now they come in glass bottles. So, no more plastic.

The brand also has an entirely new line of products that they’re excited to introduce. 

“They’re really interesting products. So, we have mushroom and ginseng. We have broccoli. We have lavender. And it can help you sleep. So, they are pretty interesting blends.”

Like many other health and wellness brands, Ginger & Co. will continue using Ampjar Fast Emails and Amplify to create beautiful email campaigns and boost customer engagement. Businesses in the health, fitness, and food niches are flocking to Ampjar for its ability to create great-looking emails in a snap.

“I think what Ampjar does really well is to keep things simple; branding is simple, and so is marketing. It makes people more likely to click, to open the email and see what’s going on. I think it’s a significant avenue for engagement, so it’s a big part of the company and the brand.”


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