Who they are: Good Day Club

What they do: Lots! Wedding styling. Retro furniture hire. Custom furniture builds. Graphic design. Event Styling. In their words, Good Day Club is Melbourne’s go-to for unique, super awesome vintage and retro furniture hire, and event design and styling. We’re for the people who’re rad, who want to do things their way, and want to create an event or wedding truly like no other”

Where in the world? Based in Melbourne, Australia

Good Day Club – implements a robust email campaign strategy, increases open rates and fosters new collaborations with Ampjar.

Good Day Club started when husband and wife team Kate and Dave couldn’t find the perfect vintage furniture to hire for their own wedding. Like any good entrepreneurial problem solvers, they saw a gap in the market and started their business to fill the void.

Founded in 2014, Good Day Club (formerly Good Day Rentals) creates beautiful, stylish and fun weddings and events for their clients. Take one look at their Instagram and you’ll be swept away with the kind of fun and magic events create. Stressful wedding planning? Not around here.

Kate started as a one-woman show, and husband Dave joined full time a year ago, since then they’ve also brought on Graphic Designer Stevie full time.

Like a lot of small biz startups, Kate and Dave have done everything in the business – from the glamorous to the not-so-glamorous.

When trucks needed to be packed full of furniture there weren’t any removalists to help out, it was Kate and Dave who were hauling velvet couches onto a truck on tight deadlines. Packing down at the end of an event? Yep, that too. Managing logistics, solving inevitable issues (no small feat when we’re talking weddings!) and missed deliveries – they did it all.

And that’s on top of all the marketing and promotion. These days, Co-Founder Dave takes care of logistics, the warehouse and custom furniture builds while Kate manages all the client facing work, the PR outreach, mailing lists, social media, new customer acquisition.

So it’s no surprise that a smart approach to advertising and collaborations often fell to the bottom of the to-do list for Good Day Club.

Kate has struggled with issues that will be familiar to many small biz owners. Advertising can be tricky, time-consuming, and take too long to set up,

Good Day Club

Ampjar to the rescue

In early 2019, Good Day Club signed up with Ampjar.

“Before we came across Ampjar, we used to do occasional direct mail on Mailchimp, but I just found it so hard. I used to feel like it took me like a day to set them up. I feel like in small business you work all the time and don’t necessarily feel like you ever get on top of things”

And now? Good Day Club sends fast emails to our lists at least once a month, a major milestone for the founders.

Kate says the fact it is easy and quick makes her life running a small business easier.

“It takes me no time. It’s helped me think about our email list differently, I hadn’t really thought about it that much to be honest even though I used to be a Comms major!”

“I loved that I could just change the template without having to start again because who wants to do that?”

And what about the results? Well, those all-important open rates and clicks have increased since using Ampjar – often the first step to converting your audience to customers. Good Day Club sees high click rates from 5% all the way to 13% for every email campaign.

They’ve also created campaigns from scratch. When announcing the rebrand from Good Day Rentals to Good Day Club, they didn’t have the Instagram content to work from so had to create an email from other content.

“Even then with all new content, it still took me under an hour to create and test. Honestly, I’m just forever thankful for anything that looks great and gets those results.”


Example Good Day Club Ampjar Emails

Exploring multiple ways to grow the business

Like many small businesses, Good Day Club has used a whole range of marketing tools to promote their business and reach new customers.

In the beginning, they started out by doing a lot of wedding directories, a more passive style marketing with a brand description and some photos on a website. More of a cross your fingers and see approach.

They used Google Ads early on, and do some PR outreach too. Word of mouth referrals in a niche area like weddings are total gold. A happy bride will certainly let other brides know about it, and past customers become authentic brand ambassadors.

Kate says relationships have been key to their success.

“We do a fair bit of relationship building with vendors and venues – which is fun too because they’re really awesome people!”

And what about practical steps to increasing email lists?

They recently added a message in the inquiry box on the website to ask people if they want to sign up – which half the people do.

“I’m finding that the list builds up slowly, but people do open the emails which is what matters. We try to write stuff that’s not just real sales-y. I’ll try to think about what I would want if I was getting married, which is exactly what we’ve built our business on.”

Good Day Club loves collaborating with Ampjar

Kate has loved her experience with shout outs so far.

Good Day Club has collaborated with several like-minded brands in the Ampjar Community.

“We’ve hosted lots of different ads. We even did two with Lululemon, and one with a really local brand that’s ten minutes away, location-wise, Poppy Lane, the clothes store, and one with Shall We Social to name just a few brands in our community. It was very easy.”

The collaborations were a success –

“Whenever we get shouted out by Poppy Lane we get a lot of traffic coming our way, this makes sense because of the natural affinity between the brands’ styles.”

“She’s got really awesome clothes that appeal to me – so I’m assuming they appeal to our customers too!”

Where to now for Good Day Club?

Exploring more shout outs with Ampjar!

Also on the wish list for the marketing strategy going forward? Taking the time to drill down into the data to see what works.

“I really love about looking at the stats and seeing which ads were clicked on most. Then you can say “OK that content really resonated, and why?” and then I think “What else could I do like that?”

Kate says she’s looking forward to taking the time to review and plan – a high-level overview rather than jumping from action to action.

We’ve loved finding out more about Good Day Club Kate, thanks for taking the time. We can’t wait to see what’s next, and to help you continue to grow.

You can check out Good Day Club on their website, or follow on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Kate Forsyth

“Collaborating with Ampjar on a regular basis has been a huge milestone for me. In small business, I feel like you just work all the time and don’t necessarily feel like you ever get on top of things. I like feeling like I’ve taken actions to get closer to my goals.”

Founder and Creative Director

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