Who they are: Hamptons Home

What they do: Hamptons Home breathes elegance and luxury into homes across Australia. From their classic ginger jars to their stylish tote bags, Hamptons Home has been in the business of casual yet sophisticated coastal homewares for the last four and a half years. 

Where in the world: South Brisbane, Australia

Bringing Hamptons Chic to Brisbane

Junie Lin didn’t expect to leave her career as a market intelligence analyst behind when she moved to Australia from her native Singapore. By all measures, Hamptons Home had a modest and unassuming start. When Junie began decorating her new home in the popular Hamptons style, she noticed that Chinese ginger jars were a staple of the aesthetic. A lightbulb went off: as a Chinese speaker who frequently traveled to China on business, she could easily bring back a few nice pieces from her next trip and use them to furnish her home. 

When she ended up bringing back more than she needed, she put the extras on eBay and was surprised to find that all 20 sold within just two weeks. The gears started turning. Soon, Junie began importing ginger jars from China and selling them on eBay under the name Junie Living. Her newfound business venture grew quickly, and in 2016, Junie rebranded as Hamptons Home, started her own e-commerce site, and took her homeware hustle from side gig to full-time job. 

Now, Hamptons Home has been recognized by Chris Carrol of TLC Interiors as one of the best places in Australia to shop for Hamptons-style furnishings and as one of the top 11 homewares shops in South East Queensland by Domain.com.au. With over 35,000 Instagram followers, Hamptons Home has built a community and a name for itself as one of Queensland’s premier home goods stores. 

Hamptons Home Saves Time with Ampjar Emails

Like many, Junie started her email list using MailChimp. However, she found herself unmotivated and uninterested in taking the large amounts of time required to design her own emails on Canva. After making her first draft, she’d go back and forth between Canva and Mailchimp every time she wanted to change the slightest detail. The process was anything but streamlined, and Junie found that the whole ordeal was taking a big bite out of her valuable time. She relegated email to the bottom of her marketing priority list, sending only one campaign every three weeks or so.

One day while scrolling through her Instagram feed, Junie came upon an ad for Ampjar Fast Emails. She signed up for the free trial and never looked back. Immediately, the amount of time Junie spent designing emails dropped, and the number of emails she sent out shot up. With the help of Ampjar’s straightforward and intuitive email templates, Junie is now able to send out at least one campaign every week. 

“Previously we were doing probably one every three weeks,” said Junie. “Sometimes even four, because it’s so tedious doing all this stuff. So, Ampjar really helped me to reach out to our email subscribers a bit more frequently, easier.” Now, Junie designs her emails in a quarter of the time — she can design four emails in the same time it used to take her to design one.

But Ampjar hasn’t only been a timesaver for the homeware retailer. Ampjar’s beautiful templates have made such an impression on her subscribers that she’s seen an increase in engagement, and her click-through rates have doubled. “Last time it was just a handful of subscribers will click to the website, but now we are seeing double of that. And there’s a lot more people who are responding to the email as well. Sometimes they reply to the email saying ‘I love [what] you did with the new emails.’” Hamptons Home sees click-through rate as high as 9% in their emails. With emails being sent out on a regular basis, email is definitely a key channel of sales for them.

Junie is just one of many home goods retailers who have found that Ampjar is a helpful addition to their business. The expertly designed and easy-to-use templates have perfect synergy with businesses in the houseware, home fragrances, and wallpaper spaces.

Building a Community Through Social Media

The majority of Hamptons Home’s customers come from organic searches — 60% to be precise. The remaining 40% is divided between Instagram, which accounts for approximately 20%, and email, which accounts for the remaining 20%. Almost all of the homeware brand’s marketing efforts are focused on the web.

“I think our main thing is to [focus our efforts] online. But we do a lot of collaborations with influencers. I’m not so much of a pop-up kind or retail kind of person because it’s a lot of work trying to move all the goods around,” said Junie. “Doing collaborations with influencers in every state is actually easier, and the return on investment is actually better as well.”

The brand also uses Facebook as a marketing channel. Visitors to their page can message their chatbot, which will refer them to an email signup link. On Instagram, Hamptons Home posts stories that prompt viewers to visit their website or join their email list. Those who join the list are endearingly referred to as The Hamptons Club members. 

“It’s like a tribe. So, for them, usually, I’ll make sure these email subscribers get the first-hand information about our sales, our product pre-launches.”

Collaborating through Ampjar

To further extend her brand’s reach, Junie has used Amplify to experiment with collaborative email marketing. She’s run three campaigns so far and has been delighted with the results. 

The first email campaign was with international athleisure brand Lululemon, which was chosen for its predominantly female base. The campaign was a success, and they ran a second together soon after.

Next, Hamptons Home ran a campaign with Havana Home, and then with a cooking company designed for mothers. The last one brought impressive results: “the day they sent out the email it went up, like shot up like crazy. There were so many people viewing the website, signing up, and then there’s obviously conversions as well.”

What’s Next?

Hamptons Home has seen rapid growth in the past four years and shows no signs of slowing down. Junie plans to continue using email marketing to drive customers to her store. The brand’s Instagram and social media channels are still racking up followers and will remain a focal point of its marketing efforts for the foreseeable future. 

With Ampjar in her toolbox, there’s no doubt Junie will keep impressing her customers and getting great feedback on her emails. As more and more homeware brands like Junie’s take notice of the platform’s robust and effective feature set, Ampjar is cementing itself as a must-have tool in the furniture, wallpaper, and home fragrance space. 

“It really helps me to connect with my subscribers a lot more. And they find it useful as well. They always come back to the website to visit. It builds brand loyalty.”


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