I started Hello Hattie as a way to meet the demand for gorgeous, timeless and affordable women’s clothing pieces all in the one place – like a one-stop shop! It’s been a crazy ride growing my business and I couldn’t have done it without being a part of my trusted Ampjar community. 

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard about how Ampjar pairs you up with complementary, high-quality brands who share your brand with their loyal customers. I’m sure you’ve also heard that you can get your brand shouted out in three ways: through social Instagram Stories shoutouts, post-check out shoutouts and email newsletters. I love it!!

Ampjar’s algorithm has matched me with incredible brands like jewellery brand Kenzie Collective and headband/scrunchie brand TopKnot Girl. 

Approving these brands is easy – for advertising matches, I normally take a look through their Instagram feeds and decide if their customers would be interested in my clothing pieces. Likewise for hosting matches, I look through their feed and see if my audience would appreciate what they have to offer! So simple!

After I approve advertising matches, these brands shout out Hello Hattie in their Instagram Stories and on their post-checkout pages. The combined effect of social and post-checkout shoutouts is incredible – my total reach generated from the Ampjar community is 1957 over the last 30 days, and I’ve had hundreds of clicks to my site! To get these results, I’ve not spent any actual ad dollars, only karma credits.

You do have to earn karma credits as well though to be shouted out. The main way I earn karma credits is through hosting email shout outs. The email shout out process is similar to the social shout out – I simply pick a brand and click on the images I want to add onto my email newsletters. It’s a really fun way to introduce my audience to brands I think they’ll love. It also doesn’t hurt that each email shout out earns me an average of 450 karma credits, which goes a long way in paying for other brands to shout me out!

The Numbers

Shoutout Activity

Channel How often per week Av. karma credits
earned per week
Social Shoutouts NA NA
Email Shoutouts 2 900
Post-Checkout Shoutouts NA NA

Weekly Results

The karma credits earned from the above shoutouts then turned into shoutouts from their matched brands and brought Hello Hattie an average of 489 views and 38 visitors to their website each week.

Period Spend Views Website Visitors
One Week $0 489 38

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