I absolutely adore Ampjar. As a small business owner and mum of three, I have really limited time for marketing and communicating with my customers, so I try to make the most of every minute. Ampjar makes it really simple to construct short, sharp, engaging emails.  It’s also perfect for growing my customer base and introducing my happy, colourful clothing pieces to more women around the world. 

There are so many great things about Ampjar, but I’ll try my best to narrow it down for you. My favorite thing is how carefully curated their community of brands is. I’ve even been matched with big brands like Lululemon and skincare company Botanicals by Luxe which has been great for Kablooie Store’s exposure. I particularly love being matched with brands which perfectly complement Kablooie – like fun accessories or kids products for all my mum customers.  I love that Ampjar’s algorithm paired us up based on similar audience demographics. It’s a really fab way to expose the loyal customers of these amazing brands to my fun and fabulous clothing pieces.

I also love how easy it is to create both emails and ads. With just a few clicks, my social content is now content that other brands can share.

I have close to 24k followers on Instagram, and I make full use of Ampjar’s features in order to engage them. I send out weekly email newsletters to my 1.5k+ subscribers with ‘shout outs’ of other complementary brands. I love sharing amazing brands that I think would resonate with my audience, such as Little Milko, which sells functional and gorgeously designed nappy bags. 

Kablooie Store shouting out Lambchopsocks on Instagram.                Kablooie Store shouting out Lambchopsocks on Instagram Results

I’m also currently doing 5 social shout outs each week and earn around 150 karma credits each time. I love that I can choose the content available in Ampjar, or even create my own content for shoutouts from a brand’s instagram, to suit the vibe of my stories.

One other thing that I’m doing is placing ‘shout outs’ on my post check-out pages hosted by WooCommerce. It’s a really easy way to boost my karma credit which pays for other brands to shout me out. 

In return for shouting out other brands, I get a steady flow of customers. In the last 30 days I’ve reached 2,316 new customers and got 193 clicks to my site without spending a single cent.

The Numbers

Shoutout Activity

Channel How often per week Av. karma credits
earned per week
Social Shoutouts 5 900
Email Shoutouts 1 300
Post-Checkout Shoutouts 16 64

Weekly Results

The karma credits earned from the above shoutouts then turned into shoutouts from their matched brands and brought Kablooie Store average of 579 views and 48 visitors to their website each week.

Period Spend Views Website Visitors
One Week $0 579 48

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