Little Printables is a small business committed to making early learning fun. Maria designs early education printable activities for pre-schoolers and their parents, encouraging lots of learning through play.

About Little Printables

Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is any parent keen on getting involved in their child’s early learning journey. I also work with early childhood educators, who incorporate our printables into their curriculum.

What are your main marketing channels? What is your social media approach at the moment?

Instagram is currently my main marketing channel, with email and Facebook also a focus. My social media approach is quite personal and (when it comes to early learning) inspirational. As I’m mainly talking to mums, I try to keep things as real, authentic and engaging as possible.

How have you used Ampjar

I’ve been using Ampjar for a while, I find shouting out brands quite easy. Once you’ve done it once it’s super easy and actually kind of fun plus it only takes a couple of minutes. 

There’s a great selection of brands and content to choose from. They’re sometimes in very different spaces to me which I wouldn’t necessarily thought to work with, but they’re my kind of brands and I get shouted out by people who talk to my customers about very different things.

I often click through and take a look at a brand’s instagram if I don’t know much about them or remember them. Then I love that you can choose whatever you want to share from their instagram content.


I have around 9,000 instagram followers, and my engagement is pretty good. I probably do around 3 or 4 social shout outs a week and earn around 150 karma credits each time. 

I have 2,200 email subscribers and send an email on average about once every one to two weeks and earn about 400 karma credits from each email I send. 

I also set up shout outs on my thank you page and in my thank you emails.

The traffic I get from shoutouts is great. I normally average a sale around one in 11 or 12 visitors and this certainly hasn’t dropped since I’ve started getting traffic from Ampjar shout outs.

I think of it more as an ongoing flow. You can see the stats on your activity page inside Ampjar but after a while of checking in, I just leave it to do its thing!

Shoutout Activity

Channel How often per week Av. karma credits
earned per week
Social Shoutouts 3 per week 468
Email Shoutouts 1 every 2 weeks 195
Post-Checkout Shoutouts 18 per day 504

Weekly Results

The 1,167 karma credits earned from the above shout outs then turned into shout outs from their matched brands and brought Little Printables an average of 2,089 views and 58 visitors to their website each week.

Period Spend Views Website Visitors
One Week $0 2089 56


“My social media approach is quite personal. I try to keep things as real, authentic and engaging as possible. With the selection of brands that I’m matched with, I can shout out brands I really like and keep being authentic, AND I can bring lots of new traffic my way”


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