Who they are: Be Magical AF

What they do: Helping you to discover what makes you #MagicalAF, Lily is a witch, pagan, and holistic healer. She combines neuroscience, psychology, plant-based treatments, and more to help women with debilitating conditions, such as endometriosis. Lily also sells online coaching programs, and is an affiliate marketer selling CBD oil. 

In her own words, she “helps people to figure out why they are suffering and how to align themselves with their most magical as fuck life.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Where in the world: San Francisco, United States

Lily Lune uses Ampjar to spread her message and help as many people as possible.

Lily’s journey to become #MagicalAF started roughly 13 years ago, when she studied physio-psychology, learning how the mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind.

She went on to study a sprawling range of other areas, including massage, energy modalities, and nutrition.

This varied background has helped Lily to understand that there are countless factors that can affect our health and wellbeing. This has led her to the conclusion that a holistic approach — one that encompasses your mind, body, and soul — is the most effective way of combating health issues, and improving your life.

Lily has used this holistic approach to help a lot of women with intense, debilitating conditions like endometriosis or PCOS. 

Her ultimate goal, however, is to further spread her message. She wants to understand the areas that mainstream science hasn’t yet figured out, while still sticking to an evidence-based approach. For Lily, it’s all about balance.

And the main way she can spread that message is through email…

Sharing knowledge with Ampjar Fast Emails

“I really appreciate Ampjar’s simplicity and intuitiveness, but also that it uses evidence-based practices. It’s like you guys know what works in email marketing and you make that available and you make it very simple. So, I love that.”

Lily first became aware of Ampjar after seeing an ad on Instagram. Prior to Ampjar, Lily was using Aweber. Unfortunately, she found that Aweber was a little too complex for her needs. Despite her savviness with tech, she found it difficult to achieve what she wanted to do.

When Lily found Ampjar, it was like a weight had been lifted. She was now able to quickly and easily send great-looking newsletters to her email list.

She hasn’t been using Ampjar for too long, but Lily is already smitten with how Ampjar has made it easier to spread her message.

“It’s beautiful. It’s simple. It’s easy to do. It’s user friendly.”

Lily currently sends out an email once a week, containing her best Instagram content from the previous 7 days. She sees open rates as high as 27% and click-through rates as high as 10%.

She acknowledges that her email marketing doesn’t necessarily convert directly to sales. Instead, she focuses on improving brand awareness and building relationships with her audience.

Lily believes that Instagram is the new blog, and so the ability to quickly email out your content to your list is a great help. After all, Ampjar is not just for product-based businesses — it works for anyone who is posting content online.

“We need what, at least seven exposures to something before we can really absorb it and take it in? So, to be able to say, ‘Hey, you missed this!’ is really useful.”

Using social media to grow her brand

As well as using Ampjar to regularly update her email list, Lily uses social media to help grow her brand and to raise awareness of the power of holistic therapies. Her Instagram feed is filled with educational, motivational, and thoughtful content that represents her beliefs.

Lily created a Facebook page for her brand, but didn’t focus too much on growing it. While she sees some potential for creating closed-interest groups on Facebook, she believes even that potential is decreasing as more and more brands attempt to do the same.

For Lily, Instagram has the biggest potential for growth, and so that is where she channels most of her efforts.

“I just find that Instagram has more promise from the numbers that I’ve looked at, from how I’ve seen people grow on Instagram versus grow on Facebook, the difference in algorithms and how people get reached.”

Lily focuses on posting quality content on Instagram, and then reshares that content using Ampjar’s Fast Emails to expand her reach.

Using Ampjar to strengthen relationships

“I would love to just be able to focus entirely with Ampjar because of the simplicity and the beauty of it.”

Lily hopes to use Instagram and Ampjar to continue building her brand awareness and sharing her message.

She’s also spotted a gap in the market for a new product which she’s hoping to develop. She could then utilize her mailing list and Instagram following to sell it.

Lily wants to start sending emails more frequently with Ampjar, to forge even stronger relationships with her audience.

She’s also considering getting started with Ampjar’s collaboration tool, Amplify. This will enable her to tap into other audiences, and achieve further growth.

Ultimately, Lily wants to help people consider aspects of their health that they may have previously overlooked, and to achieve balance in their lives.

Ampjar isn’t only useful for product-based businesses. Lily is proof that Ampjar can work wonders for service providers and affiliate marketers.

“For someone who wants to be really hands-off and does not have a ton of time but really just wants to get their Instagram out there to their email list, I think it’s really great and effective.”


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